Wood girl a jump ahead

6:47 PM

Thanks to my sister, who brought to my attention that retired World Junior Age Group Trampoline Champion Evie Kierath was featured in today's (22/09/2012) edition of The West Australian newspaper.    Accompanied by an image of her jumping on what looks like a Trampoline with her mother, Fiona Wood. See below for the article which can be found on Page 17 for those in Australia.

The daughter of WA burns expert Fiona Wood never felt like she had to jump up and down to get noticed - it just happened that way.
A second-year dentistry student, Evie Kierath, 17, leapt on to the international stage last year when she won the world junior trampolining championship in England.
She started trampolining in Year 9 and quickly rose through the ranks, training every day and competing in open divisions to test herself. 
"I'd just stopped doing gymnastics, I wanted to try something new and trampolining was a lot of fun," she said.
"There are always new skills to learn and something new you can do."
Despite being the daughter of one of Australia's most brilliant minds, she said she did not feel pressure to follow in her mother's footsteps.
 "Going into the medical field was kind of a no-brainer," she said.
"Both of my parents are in medicine and that's just what I'm interested in anyway."
 Evie said she was looking forward to competing alongside Olympians Lauren Mitchell, Emily Little and Janine Murray at the inaugural Chetkovich Cup at Challenge Stadium on October 26.
A fitness advocate, Dr Wood said the Chetkovich Cup would showcase WA's world-class gymnastics talent in an exciting format.

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