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Hi Everyone,

Mielieta's sister Talitha here with another review of the latest World of Gymnastics installment. This month's program features the Berlin Masters Rhythmic Gymnastics tournament, an exclusive with up and coming Australian Rhythmic Gymnast Zoe Ormrod and also a review of the competition at The Swiss Cup (which was broadcast on Australian Pay TV service Foxtel at 7.30am WST TOMORROW MORNING ON FOX SPORTS 2 and again at 9.00pm WST on the same channel on Wednesday night). 

The Swiss Cup:
  • Touted as one of the highlights of the Gymnastics Calendar thanks to its format. 
  • Compete in teams of 1 MAG, 1 WAG represent their countries.
  • This year saw 10 teams participate. (Showed clips of the opening ceremony)
  • After the first two rounds, 2 teams are eliminated with the top eight going onto the Semi Final and from there 4 teams advance to the Final
  • Showed Ji-Hye Sung's (KOR) vault, Ukrainian Mariya Livchikova's Bars dismount and Yang Hak Seon on Still Rings
  • Also showed Marcel Nguyen's 15.700 vault
  • And also half of Giulia Steingruber's Floor Routine and Elisabeth Seitz's Beam routine
  • Plus we got to see Andrey Likhovitskiy's FULL Pommel Horse routine
  • Final round: Saw Marachkouskaya's second vault which unfortunately she sat down but nice to see her smiling. 
  • Yay we got to see Seitz's full Bars routine and Fabian Hambuechen's full Horizontal Bar routine
  • And they showed both of Giulia's vaults
  • And then most of Kim Bui's Bars routine and Nguyen's Parallel Bars efforts.
Zoe Ormrod (AUS):
  • "Of course I want to be the best that I can. I am a bit of a perfectionist so I really want to get to that top level and hopefully represent the country for many more years"
  • Born and raised in Australia
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics wasn't an obvious choice but Zoe found her way to the sport.
  • Started Rhythmic Gymnastics when she was 8.
  • Started in Artistic Gymnastics but "then I saw the Rhythmic girls training and I thought it looked fun so I gave it a go and I liked it."
  • "It's very classically trained. So we do Ballet and things like that to enhance our technique. But a lot of it is just repetition and going through the routines"
  • Her friends are very understanding about her demanding schedule and they try to make the most of the free time Zoe has.
  • 16 years old
Berlin Masters:
  • Introduced 12 years ago
  • Highlighted this year by the participation of Russian Daria Dmitrieva and local hope Laura Jung
  • Got to see the majority of Hoop routines by Anna Czarniecka (POL) 3rd place; Laura Jung 2nd place and Dmitrieva 1st place
  • Also saw the start and finish of the Ball routines by Dmitrieva, Victoria Filanovsky (ISR) and Jung and the majority of the top three routines with Clubs and Ribbon
  • Dmitrieva: "Wonderful, I can't say anything negative about it because it's a wonderful competition. It's one of my favorites".

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