NCAA Women's Gymnastics Results - 11th January

11:24 PM

Much apologies for the lack of proper formatting.

The University of Georgia Gymdogs won against the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. Arkansas Junior Katherine Grable took out the All Around honors and top scored on the Floor Exercise, however it was Georgia who led on the other three events. Georgia's Lindsey Cheek and Cat Hires tied for the Vault title, with Christa Tanella and Chelsea Davis tying for the Uneven Bars honors. Their team mate Shayla Worley won on the Balance Beam.
The University of Kentucky celebrated their first road win in a Southeastern Conference meet since 1999, with a win against Auburn University. Kentucky's Audrey Harrison won the All Around title over Auburn's Caitlin Atkinson. Whilst Individual honors went to Kentucky's Kenzie Hedges on Vault, Auburn's Petrina Yokay on the Uneven Bars, with Auburn's Atkinson and Megan Walker tying for the honors on the Balance Beam. Kentucky's Kayla Hartley and Auburn's Toi Garcia tied for the Floor Exercise title.
Central Michigan University won over New Hampshire, with Chippewas' Sophomore Becca Druien winning the All Around title over New Hampshire's Austyn Fobes. CMU's Kirsten Petzold and Meaghan McWhorter tied for the Vault honors, whilst their team mate Kylie Fagan earned the honors on the Uneven Bars. Fobes picked up the titles on the Balance Beam and Floor Exercise.
Illinois State University won their season opener against Lindenwood in the historic Horton Field House. Illinois State's Jenna Bossle won the All Around title and top scored on the Vault, Uneven Bars and Floor Exercise, whilst her fellow team member Samantha King won the Balance Beam title. The entire Lindenwood Lions team must be commended for strong performances on all four apparatuses.

In a closely fought battle, Iowa won their season opener against Ball State University. Ball State's Brittney Emmons won the All Around title, whilst Iowa's Maya Wickus picked up the Vault title. Wickus also tied with team mates Sydney Hoerr, and Emma Stevenson for the Uneven Bars title. Denaisha Christian of Ball State tied with Jessica Morreale of Iowa for the Balance Beam title with Kyra Trowbridge of Iowa taking out the Floor Exercise honors.

Iowa State narrowly won over Kent State with Iowa State's Henrietta Green taking out the All Around honors (she was the only gymnast to compete all four events). Kent State's Whitnee Johnson took out the Vault honors with Rachel Guida earning the top mark on the Uneven Bars. Iowa State's Michelle Shealy took out the Balance Beam title with team mate Elizabeth Stranahan winning the Floor Exercise title.

In yet another close battle, 8th ranked Louisiana State University caused a surprising upset against 3rd ranked University of Florida. This came about after Florida had to count a fall in their Balance Beam scorers when both Bridget Sloan and Marissa King had falls from the Balance Beam. Florida's Kytra Hunter took out the All Around, Vault, and Uneven Bars (tied with Louisiana State's Sarie Morrison) titles. Hunter's team mate Mackenzie Caquatto earned the honors on the Balance Beam, whilst LSU's Lloiminica Hall took out the Floor Exercise titles.

Alabama dominated in their win against the University of Missouri. Kim Jacob earned the All Around honors as well as the Floor Exercise and Balance Beam titles (the latter shared with team mate Sarah DeMeo). DeMeo also picked up the Uneven Bars title whilst Diandra Milliner picked up the Vault title. Standout performers for Missouri were Rachel Updike, Tori Howard and Sandra Ostad.

In a closely fought battle, the North Carolina State University and University of Maryland finished the night in a draw. North Carolina State's Diahanna Ham won the All Around title as well as the Floor Exercise honors, tied with team mate Brittni Watkins and Maryland's Ally Krikorian. Maryland's Katy Dodds took the Vault title, whilst North Carolina State's Stephanie Ouellette and Maryland's Stephanie Giameo took out the Uneven Bars and Balance Beam titles respectively.

Oregon State University bounced back after their loss last week by winning the team title by 0.375 over Ohio State University. The Beavers win was bittersweet after Freshman Sarah Marquez was unable to complete her Floor routine due to a knee injury. Here's hoping everything is okay. Ohio State's Melanie Shaffer took out the All Around and Balance Beam titles while Oregon State's Kelsi Blalock and Hailey Gaspar tied for the Vault title. Oregon State's Stephanie McGregor and Erika Aufiero tied for the Uneven Bars title whilst their team mate Makayla Stambaugh won the Floor Exercise honors.

West Virginia won against Pittsburgh in the season opener for both teams. Pittsburgh Freshman Lindsay Offutt was a standout winning the All Around and Floor Exercise titles. The latter event saw Alyssa Adrian also of Pittsburgh and West Virginia's Alaska Richardson tie for the title. West Virginia's Hope Sloanhoffer and Alaska Richardson tied for the Vault honors while University of Pittsburgh's Bri Hogan won the Uneven Bars title. West Virginia's Kaylyn Millick won the Balance Beam title.

Sacramento State had a convincing win over Seattle Pacific despite injuries to Cayla Beutler and Kailey Hansen. Sacramento Sophomore Kalliah McCartney won the All Around, Vault, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise titles whilst her fellow Hornet Nicole Meiller won the Uneven Bars title. Standout performances for Seattle Pacific came from Maria Hundley, Shannon Escarra and Stephanie Wagner.

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire were succesful in a tri-meet against Wisconsin-La Crosse and Hamline University. Hamline's Courtney Benson took out the All Around title whilst her team mate Kambria Blakely top scored on the Vault (tied with UW-La Crosse's Natalie Hall), and Balance Beam. UW-Eau Claire's Rachel Behmer took out the Uneven Bars title whilst team mate Elizabeth Stubbs took out the Floor Exercise honors.

Winona State opened their season with a loss to the Wisconsin-Oshkosh team. Krystal Walker of Oshkosh won the All Around title and Vault honors (the latter shared with team mate Stephanie Gorman). Winona State's Anna Gleason won on the Uneven Bars, with Stephanie Wojton taking out the Balance Beam. Oshkosh's Abby Zubella took out the Floor Exercise title.
University of Georgia (49.325, 49.025, 49.025, 48.825) 196.200
University of Arkansas (49.100, 48.725, 48.950, 49.000) 195.775
Katherine Grable (Arkansas) 39.450
Amy Borsellino (Arkansas) 38.350
Lindsey Cheek (Georgia); Cat Hires (Georgia) 9.900
Brittany Rogers (Georgia); Katherine Grable (Arkansas) 9.875
Brandie Jay (Georgia); Kelci Lewis (Arkansas) 9.850
Heather Elswick (Arkansas) 9.825
Chelsea Davis (Georgia); Sarah Persinger (Georgia); Amy Borsellino (Arkansas) 9.800
Bailee Zumwalde (Arkansas) 9.750
Erin Freier (Arkansas) 9.725
Christa Tanella (Georgia); Chelsea Davis (Georgia) 9.850
Brittany Rogers (Georgia) 9.825
Amy Borsellino (Arkansas); Shelby Salmon (Arkansas); Katherine Grable (Arkansas); Shayla Worley (Georgia) 9.775
Kelci Lewis (Arkansas); Cat Hires (Georgia) 9.725
Lindsey Cheek (Georgia) 9.700
Keara Glover (Arkansas) 9.675
Heather Elswick (Arkansas) 9.575
Shayla Worley (Georgia) 9.900
Kaylan Earls (Georgia); Katherine Grable (Arkansas); Sydnie Dillard (Arkansas) 9.875
Lindsey Cheek (Georgia) 9.850
Keara Glover (Arkansas) 9.800
Sarah Persinger (Georgia) 9.775
Shelby Salmon (Arkansas) 9.750
Amy Borsellino (Arkansas) 9.650
Brittany Rogers (Georgia) 9.625
Christa Tanella (Georgia) 9.275
Erin Freier (Arkansas) 9.000
Katherine Grable (Arkansas) 9.925
Christa Tanella (Georgia) 9.875
Sydnie Dillard (Arkansas) 9.850
Bailee Zumwalde (Arkansas); Shayla Worley (Georgia) 9.800
Kelci Lewis (Arkansas); Sarah Persinger (Georgia) 9.750
Kaylan Earls (Georgia); Cat Hires (Georgia) 9.700
Heather Elswick (Arkansas) 9.675
Brandie Jay (Georgia) 9.600
Amy Borsellino (Arkansas) 9.125
University of Kentucky (48.975, 48.900, 48.775, 48.875) 195.525
Auburn University (48.750, 48.775, 48.900, 47.825) 194.250
Audrey Harrison (Kentucky) 39.200
Caitlin Atkinson (Auburn) 39.150
Bri Guy (Auburn) 38.200
Kenzie Hedges (Kentucky) 9.850
Holly Cunningham (Kentucky) 9.825
Brianna Guy (Auburn); Toi Garcia (Auburn); Audrey Harrison (Kentucky) 9.800
Shelby Hilton (Kentucky) 9.775
Petrina Yokay (Auburn) 9.750
Jill Chappel (Kentucky); Kayla Hartley (Kentucky) 9.725
Kait Kluz (Auburn); Brittany Webster (Auburn) 9.700
Caitlin Atkinson (Auburn) 9.650
Petrina Yokay (Auburn) 9.950
Megan Walker (Auburn); Caitlin Atkinson (Auburn) 9.875
Kayla Hartley (Kentucky) 9.825
Kayla Sienkowski (Kentucky) 9.800
Audrey Harrison (Kentucky); Kait Kluz (Auburn) 9.775
Sara Shipley (Kentucky); Shelby Hilton (Kentucky) 9.750
Alexis Gross (Kentucky) 9.725
Brianna Guy (Auburn) 9.300
Abbey Habicht (Auburn) 9.150
Megan Walker (Auburn); Caitlin Atkinson (Auburn) 9.825
Brianna Guy (Auburn); Audrey Harrison (Kentucky) 9.800
Petrina  Yokay (Auburn); Shannon Mitchell (Kentucky) 9.775
Kayla Sienkowski (Kentucky); Alexis Gross (Kentucky) 9.750
Sara Shipley (Kentucky) 9.700
Caryn Kadous (Auburn) 9.675
Abbey Habicht (Auburn) 9.150
Holly Cunningham (Kentucky) 9.050
Kayla Hartley (Kentucky); Toi Garcia (Auburn) 9.850
Audrey Harrison (Kentucky) 9.825
Caitlin Atkinson (Auburn) 9.800
Tiara Phipps (Kentucky) 9.775
Lexus Demers (Auburn) 9.750
Kenzie Hedges (Kentucky) 9.725
Shelby Hilton (Kentucky); Shannon Mitchell (Kentucky) 9.700
Brianna Guy (Auburn) 9.300
Brittany Webster (Auburn) 9.125
Kait Kluz (Auburn) 9.050
Central Michigan University (48.475, 49.075, 48.875, 48.625) 195.050
University of New Hampshire (48.100, 47.850, 48.525, 48.625) 193.100
Becca Druien (Central Michigan) 38.775
Austyn Fobes (New Hampshire) 38.575
Kirsten Petzold (Central Michigan); Meaghan McWhorter (Central Michigan) 9.800
Austyn Fobes (New Hampshire) 9.725
Brittany Petzold (Central Michigan); Courtney Connors (New Hampshire) 9.700
Erika Rudiger (New Hampshire) 9.675
Tori Garcia (Central Michigan); Jillian Hudson (New Hampshire) 9.600
Becca Druien (Central Michigan) 9.575
Emily Heinz (Central Michigan); Jannelle Minichiello (New Hampshire) 9.400
Hannah Barile (New Hampshire) 9.125
Kylie Fagan (Central Michigan) 9.850
Taylor Bolender (Central Michigan); Megan Lamphere (Central Michigan); Emily LaFontaine (Central Michigan); Jen Aucoin (New Hampshire) 9.800
Becca Druien (Central Michigan) 9.825
Erika Rudiger (New Hampshire) 9.700
Kayla Gray (New Hampshire) 9.675
Taylor Noonan (Central Michigan) 9.650
Jillian Hudson (New Hampshire) 9.475
Hannah Barile (New Hampshire) 9.200
Austyn Fobes (New Hampshire) 9.175
Austyn Fobes (New Hampshire) 9.825
Emily Heinz (Central Michigan); Taylor Noonan (Central Michigan) 9.800
Halle Moraw (Central Michigan) 9.775
Becca Druien (Central Michigan); Kylie Fagan (Central Michigan) 9.750
Jannelle Minichiello (New Hampshire); Jen Aucoin (New Hampshire) 9.700
Kirsten Petzold (Central Michigan); Erin Machado (New Hampshire); Elissa Solomon (New Hampshire) 9.650
Kayla Gray (New Hampshire) 9.500
Austyn Fobes (New Hampshire) 9.850
Erin Machado (New Hampshire); Halle Moraw (Central Michigan); Brittany Petzold (Central Michigan) 9.800
Preslee Harrald (Central Michigan); Taylor Noonan (Central Michigan) 9.700
Hannah Barile (New Hampshire) 9.675
Courtney Connors (New Hampshire); Erika Rudiger (New Hampshire) 9.650
Becca Druien (Central Michigan) 9.625
Jannelle Minichiello (New Hampshire) 9.525
Emily LaFontaine (Central Michigan) 8.875
Illinois State University (48.350, 48.675, 46.800, 47.025) 190.850
Lindenwood University (47.025, 47.000, 46.725, 47.050) 187.800
Jenna Bossle (Illinois State) 38.300
Samantha King (Illinois State) 38.175
Tori Sarantakis (Illinois State) 37.900
Kim Genereux (Illinois State) 37.475
Alicia Floyd (Lindenwood) 37.350
Valerie Ingui (Lindenwood) 36.725
Emily Turik (Lindenwood) 36.475
Lauren Cartmell (Lindenwood) 35.900
Jenna Bossle (Illinois State) 9.800
Samantha King (Illinois State) 9.700
Elise Gray (Illinois State) 9.675
Tori Sarantakis (Illinois State) 9.650
Kim Genereux (Illinois State) 9.525
Alicia Floyd (Lindenwood) 9.500
Emily Turik (Lindenwood); Rachel Zabawa (Lindenwood) 9.450
Valerie Ingui (Lindenwood) 9.325
Daniela Fumagalli (Lindenwood) 9.300
Lauren Cartmell (Lindenwood) 9.050
Riley Childress (Illinois State) 8.950
Jenna Bossle (Illinois State) 9.875
Emily Turik (Lindenwood) 9.800
Samantha King (Illinois State) 9.750
Kim Genereux (Illinois State) 9.725
Courtney Heise (Lindenwood) 9.700
Amanda Mohler (Illinois State) 9.675
Tori Sarantakis (Illinois State) 9.650
Kimberly Caron (Illinois State) 9.625
Trystien Charles (Lindenwood) 9.600
Alicia Floyd (Lindenwood) 9.000
Valerie Ingui (Lindenwood); Lauren Cartmell (Lindenwood) 8.900
Samantha King (Illinois State) 9.675
Kim Genereux (Illinois State) 9.650
Valerie Ingui (Lindenwood) 9.625
Rachel Zabawa (Lindenwood) 9.575
Courtney Heise (Lindenwood) 9.450
Alicia Floyd (Lindenwood) 9.350
Tori Sarantakis (Illinois State); Megan Yee (Illinois State) 9.250
Amanda Mohler (Illinois State) 8.975
Jenna Bossle (Illinois State) 8.900
Lauren Cartmell (Illinois State) 8.725
Emily Turik (Illinois State) 8.000
Jenna Bossle (Illinois State) 9.725
Rachel Zabawa (Lindenwood); Courtney Heise (Lindenwood) 9.550
Alicia Floyd (Lindenwood) 9.500
Marissa Stom (Illinois State) 9.475
Kimberly Caron (Illinois State) 9.425
Tori Sarantakis (Illinois State) 9.350
Lauren Cartmell (Lindenwood); Emily Turik (Lindenwood) 9.225
Samantha King (Illinois State) 9.050
Valerie Ingui (Lindenwood) 8.875
Kim Genereux (Illinois State) 8.575

University of Iowa (48.525, 48.925, 47.225, 48.700) 193.375
Ball State University (48.350, 48.350, 48.075, 48.350) 193.125
Brittney Emmons (Ball State) 38.525
Alie Glover (Iowa) 38.475
Sydney Hoerr (Iowa) 38.300
Maya Wickus (Iowa) 9.800
Nicole Allen (Ball State) 9.750
Emma Willis (Iowa) 9.725
Alie Glover (Iowa) 9.700
Brittney Emmons (Ball State); Brooke Evans (Ball State) 9.675
Sydney Hoerr (Iowa); Kyra Trowbridge (Iowa); Denaisha Christian (Ball State) 9.650
Miranda Kerr (Ball State) 9.600
Erin Patchey (Ball State) 9.550
Alyssa Lopez (Iowa) 9.500
Maya Wickus (Iowa); Sydney Hoerr (Iowa); Emma Stevenson (Iowa) 9.825
Brooklyn Schumaker (Ball State) 9.775
Alie Glover (Iowa); Angie Hosbach (Ball State) 9.750
Kaitlynn Urano (Iowa) 9.700
Angela Durkac (Ball State) 9.675
Emma Willis (Iowa) 9.625
Samantha Santos (Ball State); Madison Shorts (Ball State) 9.575
Brittney Emmons (Ball State) 9.525
Denaisha Christian (Ball State); Jessica Morreale (Iowa) 9.825
Angie Hosbach (Ball State) 9.800
Kyra Trowbridge (Iowa) 9.775
Emily Wehrle (Ball State) 9.625
Brittney Emmons (Ball State) 9.600
Sydney Hoerr (Iowa) 9.325
Alie Glover (Iowa) 9.250
Leah Wilson (Ball State) 9.225
Brooklyn Schumaker (Ball State) 9.100
Kaitlynn Urano (Iowa) 9.050
Alyssa Lopez (Iowa) 9.025
Kyra Trowbridge (Iowa) 9.850
Emma Stevenson (Iowa) 9.825
Alie Glover (Iowa) 9.775
Emma Willis (Iowa); Angie Hosbach (Ball State) 9.750
Brittney Emmons (Ball State) 9.725
Denaisha Christian (Ball State); Nicole Allen (Ball State) 9.650
Emily Wehrle (Ball State) 9.575
Sydney Hoerr (Iowa) 9.500
Kaitlynn Urano (Iowa) 9.475
Erin Patchey (Ball State) 9.375

Iowa State University (48.525, 48.450, 48.050, 48.600) 193.625
Kent State University (48.725, 48.350, 48.075, 48.425) 193.575
Henrietta Green (Iowa State) 38.775
Whitnee Johnson (Kent State) 9.825
Lauren Wozniak (Kent State) 9.775
Alex Marasco (Iowa State); Sara Townsend (Iowa State); Felicia Charles (Kent State); Chelsea Drooger (Kent State) 9.725
Elizabeth Stranahan (Iowa State); Henrietta Green (Iowa State) 9.700
Milan Ivory (Iowa State); Rachel Guida (Kent State) 9.675
Amiah Mims (Kent State) 9.650
Megan McDonald (Iowa State) 9.550
Rachel Guida (Kent State) 9.825
Kristen DaCosta (Iowa State) 9.775
Michelle Shealy (Iowa State) 9.750
Henrietta Green (Iowa State); Marie Case (Kent State) 9.675
Sara Townsend (Iowa State); Chelsea Drooger (Kent State) 9.650
Amiah Mims (Kent State) 9.625
Megan McDonald (Iowa State) 9.600
Kelsey Lawless (Kent State) 9.575
Ashley Transue (Kent State) 9.500
Camille Santerre-Gervais (Iowa State) 9.200
Michelle Shealy (Iowa State) 9.775
Marie Case (Kent State) 9.725
Alex Marasco (Iowa State); Lauren Wozniak (Kent State) 9.650
Henrietta Green (Iowa State) 9.600
Whitnee Johnson (Kent State); Lindsay Runyan (Kent State) 9.575
Chelsea Drooger (Kent State) 9.550
Milan Ivory (Iowa State) 9.525
Sammie Pearsall (Iowa State) 9.500
Nicolle Eastman (Kent State) 9.150
Camille Santerre-Gervais (Iowa State) 8.925
Elizabeth Stranahan (Iowa State) 9.850
Marie Case (Kent State) 9.825
Henrietta Green (Iowa State) 9.800
Sara Townsend (Iowa State); Lauren Wozniak (Kent State) 9.750
Nicolle Eastman (Kent State) 9.675
Amiah Mims (Kent State) 9.650
Milan Ivory (Iowa State); Sammie Pearsall (Iowa State) 9.600
Stephanie Comini (Kent State) 9.525
Michelle Shealy (Iowa State) 9.475
Whitnee Johnson (Kent State) 9.350

Louisiana State University (49.300, 49.175, 49.075, 49.325) 196.875
University of Florida (49.375, 49.250, 48.775, 49.175) 196.575
Kytra Hunter (Florida) 39.675
Lloiminica Hall (Louisiana State) 39.450
Rheagan Courville (Louisiana State) 39.425
Alaina Johnson (Florida) 39.300
Marissa King (Florida) 38.725
Kytra Hunter (Florida) 9.950
Rheagan Courville (Louisiana State); Ashanee Dickerson (Florida); Sarie Morrison (Louisiana State) 9.900
Marissa King (Florida); Bridget Sloan (Florida); Jessica Savona (Louisiana State); Maliah Mathis (Louisiana State) 9.850
Alaina Johnson (Florida) 9.825
Lloiminica Hall (Louisiana State); Jamie Shisler (Florida) 9.800
Kaleigh Dickson (Louisiana State) 9.775
Kytra Hunter (Florida); Sarie Morrison (Louisiana State) 9.900
Alaina Johnson (Florida); Bridget Sloan (Florida) 9.850
Lloiminica Hall (Louisiana State); Rheagan Courville (Louisiana State); Marissa King (Florida); Ashanee Dickerson (Florida); Jessie Jordan (Louisiana State) 9.825
Mckenzie Fox (Louisiana State) 9.800
Randii Wyrick (Louisiana State) 9.325
Mackenzie Caquatto (Florida) 9.250
Mackenzie Caquatto (Florida) 9.950
Kytra Hunter (Florida) 9.900
Lloiminica Hall (Louisiana State) 9.875
Jessica Savona (Louisiana State) 9.825
Rheagan Courville (Louisiana State); Ericka Garcia (Louisiana State); Randy Stageberg (Florida) 9.800
Alaina Johnson (Florida); Kaleigh Dickson (Louisiana State) 9.775
Bridget Sloan (Florida) 9.350
Marissa King (Florida) 9.225
Jessie Jordan (Louisiana State) 9.200
Lloiminica Hall (Louisiana State) 9.950
Kytra Hunter (Florida) 9.925
Rheagan Courville (Louisiana State) 9.900
Ashanee Dickerson (Florida) 9.875
Alaina Johnson (Florida); Maliah Mathis (Louisiana State) 9.850
Marissa King (Florida); Kaleigh Dickson (Louisiana State) 9.825
Jessie Jordan (Louisiana State) 9.800
Randy Stageberg (Florida) 9.700
Kiersten Wang (Florida) 9.675
Jessica Savona (Louisiana State) 9.250

University of Alabama (49.175, 49.050, 49.150, 49.075) 196.450
University of Missouri (48.625, 47.450, 47.250, 48.700) 192.025
Kim Jacob (Alabama) 39.275
Rachel Updike (Missouri) 37.875
Diandra Milliner (Alabama) 9.925
Rachel Updike (Missouri) 9.875
Kaitlyn Clark (Alabama); Marissa Gutierrez (Alabama) 9.825
Kim Jacob (Alabama); Ashley Sledge (Alabama) 9.800
Sandra Ostad (Missouri); Tori Howard (Missouri) 9.750
Katelyn Trevino (Missouri) 9.650
Laura Kappler (Missouri) 9.600
Briana Conkle (Missouri) 9.550
Lauren Beers (Alabama) 9.450
Sarah DeMeo (Alabama) 9.900
Ashley Sledge (Alabama); Ashley Priess (Alabama) 9.825
Becca Alexin (Alabama); Kaitlyn Clark (Alabama) 9.750
Kim Jacob (Alabama) 9.700
Mackenzie McGill (Missouri) 9.650
Rachel Updike (Missouri) 9.575
Sandra Ostad (Missouri) 9.500
Briana Conkle (Missouri) 9.475
Katelyn Trevino (Missouri) 9.250
Taylor Medrea (Missouri) 7.700
Sarah DeMeo (Alabama); Kim Jacob (Alabama) 9.900
Rachel Updike (Missouri) 9.850
Diandra Milliner (Alabama) 9.800
Marissa Gutierrez (Alabama); Kayla Williams (Alabama) 9.775
Ashley Priess (Alabama) 9.750
Laura Kappler (Missouri) 9.725
Taylor Medrea (Missouri) 9.425
Briana Conkle (Missouri) 9.175
Mackenzie McGill (Missouri) 9.075
Tori Howard (Missouri) 8.625
Kim Jacob (Alabama) 9.875
Sarah DeMeo (Alabama); Diandra Milliner (Alabama) 9.850
Tori Howard (Missouri); Brooke Parker (Alabama) 9.825
Katelyn Trevino (Missouri) 9.800
Sandra Ostad (Missouri) 9.750
Briana Conkle (Missouri); Kaitlyn Clark (Alabama) 9.675
Taylor Medrea (Missouri); Lauren Beers (Alabama) 9.650
Cathryn Aliceaacosta (Missouri) 9.350

North Carolina State University (49.025, 48.450, 48.600, 48.925) TIED WITH University of Maryland (49.125, 48.325, 48.800, 48.750) 195.000
Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State) 39.125
Kathy Tang (Maryland) 39.075
Michaela Woodford (North Carolina State) 39.050
Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State) 38.900
Stephanie Giameo (Maryland) 38.825
Kesley Cofsky (Maryland) 38.350
Katy Dodds (Maryland) 9.975
Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State); Kathy Tang (Maryland) 9.900
Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State); Ally Krikorian (Maryland) 9.875
Morgan Johnson (North Carolina State); Kesley Cofsky (Maryland) 9.775
Michaela Woodford (North Carolina State) 9.750
Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 9.725
Stephanie Giameo (Maryland); Karen Tang (Maryland) 9.600
Hannah Fallanca (North Carolina State) 9.575
Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State) 9.825
Karen Tang (Maryland) 9.800
Stephanie Giameo (Maryland); Kathy Tang (Maryland) 9.775
Michaela Woodford (North Carolina State) 9.750
Heidi Ffield (North Carolina State) 9.725
Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State) 9.675
Katy Dodds (Maryland) 9.650
Kristen Harabedian (North Carolina State) 9.475
Rachel Fincham (North Carolina State) 9.350
Elizabethe Manzi (Maryland) 9.325
Kesley Cofsky (Maryland) 9.100
Stephanie Giameo (Maryland) 9.900
Ally Krikorian (Maryland) 9.875
Hannah Fallanca (North Carolina State) 9.800
Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State); Michaela Woodford (North Carolina State); Kesley Cofsky (Maryland) 9.750
Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State); Danielle Kram (Maryland) 9.675
Kristen Harabedian (North Carolina State) 9.625
Kathy Tang (Maryland) 9.600
Karen Tang (Maryland) 9.375
Lane Jarred (North Carolina State) 9.250
Diahanna Ham (North Carolina State); Ally Krikorian (Maryland); Brittni Watkins (North Carolina State) 9.875
Michaela Woodford (North Carolina State); Kathy Tang (Maryland); Katy Dodds (Maryland) 9.800
Kristen Harabedian (North Carolina State) 9.750
Kesley Cofsky (Maryland) 9.725
Lane Jarred (North Carolina State) 9.625
Stephanie Giameo (Maryland) 9.550
Stephanie Ouellette (North Carolina State) 9.450
Danielle Kram (Maryland) 9.050

Oregon State University (49.150, 49.075, 48.275, 48.875) 195.375
Ohio State University (48.700, 48.575, 48.900, 48.825) 195.000
Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State) 39.075
Makayla Stambaugh (Oregon State) 38.850
Brittany Harris (Oregon State) 38.375
Kelsi Blalock (Oregon State); Hailey Gaspar (Oregon State) 9.875
Brittany Harris (Oregon State) 9.850
Makayla Stambaugh (Oregon State) 9.800
Alyssa Marohn (Ohio State); Sarah Miller (Ohio State) 9.775
Stephanie McGregor (Oregon State) 9.750
Sarah Marquez (Oregon State); Sarah Grady (Ohio State); Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State) 9.725
Audrey Tolbert (Ohio State); Alex DeLuca (Ohio State) 9.700
Stephanie McGregor (Oregon State); Erika Aufiero (Oregon State) 9.850
Brittany Harris (Oregon State); Makayla Stambaugh (Oregon State) 9.800
Melanie Jones (Oregon State); Alyssa Marohn (Ohio State) 9.775
Hannah Casey (Oregon State) 9.750
Maddie Herr (Ohio State) 9.725
Victoria Aepli (Ohio State); Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State) 9.700
Alex DeLuca (Ohio State) 9.675
Rachel Abrams (Ohio State) 9.525
Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State) 9.825
Alyssa Marohn (Ohio State); Sarah Miller (Ohio State) 9.800
Chelsea Tang (Oregon State) 9.775
Katelyn Ohlrich (Oregon State); Sarah Grady (Ohio State) 9.750
Maggie Dunn (Ohio State) 9.725
Kelsi Blalock (Oregon State); Melanie Jones (Oregon State) 9.700
Victoria Aepli (Ohio State) 9.575
Makayla Stambaugh (Oregon State) 9.350
Brittany Harris (Oregon State) 8.950
Makayla Stambaugh (Oregon State) 9.900
Melanie Jones (Oregon State); Melanie Shaffer (Ohio State); Sarah Miller (Ohio State) 9.825
Brittany Harris (Oregon State); Alex DeLuca (Ohio State) 9.775
Kelsi Blalock (Oregon State); Audrey Tolbert (Ohio State) 9.725
Victoria Aepli (Ohio State) 9.675
Cerise Witherby (Oregon State) 9.650
Maggie Dunn (Ohio State) 8.850

West Virginia University (48.925, 48.575, 48.150, 49.025) 194.675
University of Pittsburgh (48.150, 48.750, 47.675, 48.975) 193.550
Lindsay Offutt (Pittsburgh) 38.775
Hope Sloanhoffer (West Virginia) 38.475
Kaylyn Millick (West Virginia) 38.325
Lisa Soto (Pittsburgh) 37.025
Hope Sloanhoffer (West Virginia); Alaska Richardson (West Virginia) 9.825
Lisa Soto (Pittsburgh); Chelsea Goldschrafe (West Virginia) 9.800
Kaylyn Millick (West Virginia) 9.750
Jaida Lawrence (West Virginia) 9.725
Dayah Haley (West Virginia) 9.700
Kori Macdonald (Pittsburgh) 9.675
Maya Ketner (Pittsburgh) 9.600
Alexa Riech (Pittsburgh) 9.575
Lindsay Offutt (Pittsburgh) 9.500
Haley Sedgewick (Pittsburgh) 9.000
Bri Hogan (Pittsburgh) 9.800
Haley Sedgewick (Pittsburgh); Maya Ketner (Pittsburgh); Erica Smith (West Virginia); Jaida Lawrence (West Virginia) 9.775
Lisa Soto (Pittsburgh); Hope Sloanhoffer (West Virginia) 9.725
Lindsay Offutt (Pittsburgh); Dayah Haley (West Virginia) 9.675
Lia Salzano (West Virginia) 9.625
Alyssa Adrian (Pittsburgh) 9.050
Kaylyn Millick (West Virginia) 8.975
Kaylyn Millick (West Virginia) 9.775
Alyssa Adrian (Pittsburgh); Lindsay Offutt (Pittsburgh) 9.700
Chelsea Goldschrafe (West Virginia); Lia Salzano (West Virginia) 9.650
Erica Smith (West Virginia) 9.625
Katie O'Rourke (Pittsburgh) 9.500
Amanda Carpenter (West Virginia) 9.450
Bri Hogan (Pittsburgh) 9.425
Laura Kummerle (Pittsburgh) 9.350
Hope Sloanhoffer (West Virginia) 9.150
Lisa Soto (Pittsburgh) 8.450
Lindsay Offutt (Pittsburgh); Alyssa Adrian (Pittsburgh); Alaska Richardson (West Virginia) 9.900
Kaylyn Millick (West Virginia) 9.825
Haley Sedgewick (Pittsburgh); Hope Sloanhoffer (West Virginia); Melissa Idell (West Virginia) 9.775
Jaida Lawrence (West Virginia) 9.750
Katie O'Rourke (Pittsburgh) 9.725
Alexa Riech (Pittsburgh); Chelsea Goldschrafe (West Virginia) 9.675
Lisa Soto (Pittsburgh) 9.050

Sacramento State University (48.525, 48.725, 48.550, 48.700) 194.500
Seattle Pacific University) (47.100, 46.550, 46.875, 47.950) 188.475
Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State) 39.300
Cassie Benning (Sacramento State) 39.000
Shannon Escarra (Seattle Pacific) 36.475
Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State) 9.800
Cassie Benning (Sacramento State) 9.750
Nicole Meiller (Sacramento State) 9.725
Tina Necas (Sacramento State) 9.700
Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific) 9.675
Corrine Wise (Seattle Pacific) 9.625
Katie Osaki (Sacramento State) 9.550
Rain Sullivan (Seattle Pacific) 9.525
Kaila Kilwein (Sacramento State); Kenley Memmel (Seattle Pacific) 9.450
Kai Tindall (Seattle Pacific) 8.825
Shannon Escarra (Seattle Pacific) 8.650
Nicole Meiller (Sacramento State) 9.900
Cassie Benning (Sacramento State) 9.825
Ashley Wooff (Sacramento State); Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State) 9.800
Shannon Escarra (Seattle Pacific) 9.675
Stephanie Wagner (Seattle Pacific) 9.575
Sydney Clark (Seattle Pacific) 9.500
Alyssa Anderson (Sacramento State) 9.400
Kaila Kilwein (Sacramento State) 9.225
Bryn Larson (Seattle Pacific); McKenna Page (Seattle Pacific) 8.900
Lisa Goodhew (Seattle Pacific) 8.250
Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State) 9.850
Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific) 9.800
Elideth Guerrero (Sacramento State) 9.775
Dallas Smith (Sacramento State); Cassie Benning (Sacramento State) 9.650
Claire Torgerson (Sacramento State) 9.625
McKenna Page (Seattle Pacific) 9.550
Sydney Clark (Seattle Pacific) 9.325
Corrine Wise (Seattle Pacific) 9.125
Stephanie Wagner (Seattle Pacific) 9.075
Alyssa Anderson (Sacramento State) 8.975
Shannon Escarra (Seattle Pacific) 8.475
Kalliah McCartney (Sacramento State) 9.850
Cassie Benning (Sacramento State) 9.775
Dallas Smith (Sacramento State) 9.725
Kaila Kilwein (Sacramento State) 9.700
Stephanie Wagner (Seattle Pacific); Shannon Escarra (Seattle Pacific) 9.675
Elideth Guerrero (Sacramento State) 9.650
Katie Osaki (Sacramento State); Sydney Clark (Seattle Pacific) 9.625
Kenley Memmel (Seattle Pacific) 9.550
Rain Sullivan (Seattle Pacific) 9.425
Kai Tindall (Seattle Pacific) 8.900

University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (45.600, 45.150, 44.450, 45.625) 180.825
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (45.650, 42.900, 45.075, 46.550) 180.175
Hamline University (45.625, 42.025, 44.000, 44.300) 175.950
Courtney Benson (Hamline) 36.825
Sheree Romesburg (UW-La Crosse) 34.850
Summer Haag (Hamline) 34.350
Kambria Blakely (Hamline) 34.300
Kambria Blakely (Hamline); Natalie Hall (UW-La Crosse) 9.350
Courtney Benson (Hamline) 9.325
Julia Stedman (UW-Eau Claire); Danielle Schulzetenberg (UW-Eau Claire) 9.275
Sheree Romesburg (UW-La Crosse) 9.225
Nicole Mickelson (UW-La Crosse) 9.200
Molly Senske (UW-Eau Claire); Ali Berry (UW-La Crosse) 9.100
Summer Haag (Hamline) 9.075
Elizabeth Stubbs (UW-Eau Claire) 9.050
Jackie Clement (Hamline) 9.000
Karla Hagen (UW-Eau Claire) 8.900
Cece Solem (UW-Eau Claire); Meghan McCaskey (Hamline) 8.875
Tegan Oare (UW-La Crosse) 8.775
Christa Booman (UW-La Crosse) 8.575
Josie Kent (Hamline) 8.550
Rachel Behmer (UW-Eau Claire) 9.400
Olivia Aschenbrenner (UW-Eau Claire) 9.125
Rachel Henrikson (Hamline) 9.075
Courtney Benson (Hamline) 9.025
Michaela McCamey (UW-Eau Claire); Christa Booman (UW-La Crosse) 8.950
Kellie Dougherty (UW-Eau Claire) 8.875
Katie Palluck (UW-La Crosse) 8.825
Karla Hagen (UW-Eau Claire); Jen Andersen (UW-La Crosse) 8.800
Erika Degnan (Hamline) 8.450
Kristen Buschke (UW-La Crosse) 8.275
Julia Stedman (UW-Eau Claire) 8.250
Rachel Riesterer (UW-La Crosse) 8.050
Summer Haag (Hamline) 7.925
Sheree Romesburg (UW-La Crosse) 7.750
Andrea Gross (Hamline) 7.550
Kambria Blakely (Hamline) 7.275
Kambria Blakely (Hamline) 9.375
Cece Solem (UW-Eau Claire) 9.325
Tegan Oare (UW-La Crosse) 9.275
Olivia Aschenbrenner (UW-Eau Claire) 9.225
Jen Andersen (UW-La Crosse) 9.150
Ali Berry (UW-La Crosse) 9.000
Courtney Benson (Hamline) 8.950
Taylor Custer (UW-Eau Claire) 8.900
Summer Haag (Hamline) 8.850
Christa Booman (UW-La Crosse); Jessica Herrmann (UW-La Crosse) 8.825
Sheree Romesburg (UW-La Crosse) 8.675
Michaela McCamey (UW-Eau Claire) 8.600
Corrinne Stifler (Hamline) 8.450
Elizabeth Stubbs (UW-Eau Claire) 8.400
Murielle Mischook (Hamline) 8.375
Katie Hall (Hamline) 8.250
Kellie Dougherty (UW-Eau Claire) 8.100
Elizabeth Stubbs (UW-Eau Claire) 9.575
Courtney Benson (Hamline) 9.525
Ali Berry (UW-La Crosse); Katie Palluck (UW-La Crosse) 9.450
Julia Stedman (UW-Eau Claire) 9.400
Jessica Herrmann (UW-La Crosse) 9.325
Sheree Romesburg (UW-La Crosse) 9.200
Natalie Hall (UW-La Crosse) 9.125
Olivia Aschenbrenner (UW-Eau Claire) 9.100
Carly Kiesow (UW-La Crosse) 8.950
Jackie Clement (Hamline); Murielle Mischook (Hamline) 8.875
Molly Senske (UW-Eau Claire) 8.850
Karla Hagen (UW-Eau Claire) 8.700
Cece Solem (UW-Eau Claire) 8.575
Meghan McCaskey (Hamline) 8.525
Summer Haag (Hamline) 8.500
Kambria Blakely (Hamline) 8.300

University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (45.350, 44.125, 43.725, 47.050) 180.250
Winona State University (46.025, 41.575, 44.725, 46.825) 179.150
Krystal Walker (UW-Oshkosh) 36.175
Krystal Walker (UW-Oshkosh); Stephanie Gorman (UW-Oshkosh) 9.425
Jade Donaldson (Winona State) 9.350
Stephanie Wojton (Winona State); Kelsey Valdez (Winona State) 9.275
Olivia Catellino (Winona State) 9.225
Nicole deRoode (UW-Oshkosh) 9.150
Brooke Hiestand (Winona State); Katie Seehusen (Winona State) 8.900
Lindsay Hermsen (UW-Oshkosh) 8.800
Alyssa Noel (UW-Oshkosh) 8.550
Emily Ryan (UW-Oshkosh) 8.350
Anna Gleason (Winona State) 9.325
Leane Blais (UW-Oshkosh) 9.100
Courtney Howard (UW-Oshkosh) 8.850
Natasha Cattelino (UW-Oshkosh) 8.800
Steffani Meusburger (UW-Oshkosh) 8.725
Krystal Walker (UW-Oshkosh) 8.650
Melanee Pfautz (Winona State) 8.400
Danielle Thenell (Winona State) 8.350
Barbara Bass (UW-Oshkosh) 8.000
Brooke Baures (Winona State); Olivia Catellino (Winona State) 7.750
Jena Jondahl (Winona State) 6.950
Stephanie Wojton (Winona State) 9.300
Jade Donaldson (Winona State) 9.125
Nicole deRoode (UW-Oshkosh) 8.900
Cassandra Mello (Winona State) 8.800
Krystal Walker (UW-Oshkosh); Stephanie Gorman (UW-Oshkosh); Sabrina Hoover (Winona State); Anna Gleason (Winona State) 8.750
Abby Zubella (UW-Oshkosh) 8.700
Courtney Howard (UW-Oshkosh) 8.625
Lindsay Hermsen (UW-Oshkosh) 8.550
Brooke Baures (Winona State) 8.225
Abby Zubella (UW-Oshkosh) 9.550
Stephanie Gorman (UW-Oshkosh); Anna Gleason (Winona State) 9.525
Cassandra Mello (Winona State) 9.450
Steffani Meusburger (UW-Oshkosh); Krystal Walker (UW-Oshkosh); Brooke Hiestand (Winona State) 9.350
Alyssa Noel (UW-Oshkosh); Samantha Smith (Winona State) 9.275
Courtney Howard (UW-Oshkosh) 9.250
Sabrina Hoover (Winona State) 9.225
Stephanie Wojton (Winona State) 9.150

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