NCAA Women's Gymnastics Results - 12th January

4:37 PM

Stanford University came out on top at the quad meet at the McKale Center with Arizona, Illinois and San Jose State rounding out the competition in that order respectively. Arizona's Aubree Cristello took out the All Around honors over Illinois' Alina Weinstein and Stanford's Ashley Morgan. Apparatus honors went to Stanford's Nicole Dayton on Vault, Kristina Vaculik of Stanford on the Uneven Bars; Arizona's Aubree Cristello on the Balance Beam; and Arizona's Cristello and Kristin Klarenbach tied for the Floor Exercise title.
The University of Oklahoma triumphed against Arizona State. Oklahoma also took out all the Individual honors, with Taylor Spears picking up the Floor Exercise title, Madison Mooring taking out the Vault, and Erica Brewer taking out the All Around, Balance Beam and Uneven Bars (tied with Brie Olson) titles. Standout performances for the Sun Devils came from Natasha Sundby, Risa Perez and Brianna Gades.
It was a disappointing day for the Bowling Green Gymnastics squad, whom after leading the competition for three rotations had to settle with a loss to the Texas Women's University team. TWU's Spencer Jones won the All Around title, whilst Bowling Green's Jamilah Ali and Amanda Lievendag picked up the Vault and Uneven Bars titles respectively. Bowling Green's Alyssa Nocella shared the Balance Beam title with Texas Women's Bethany Larimer, whilst Ali tied with Texas Women's Kristin Edwards for the Floor Exercise honors.

Brigham Young triumphed over Utah State, with BYU's Raquel Willman taking out the All Around title. Brigham Young's Eliane Kulczyk and Madeline Nilsson tied with Utah State's Paige Jones for the Vault title, whilst Brigham Young's Haylee Rollins took out the Uneven Bars. Megan Bain also of Brigham Young took two titles, winning the Balance Beam and Floor Exercise.

The Denver Pioneers dominated in their win over the United States Air Force Academy. The lone All Around competitor for the Pioneers, Maggie Laughlin won the title, whilst her team mates also picked up individual honors - Kaitlin Moorhead on Vault; Moriah Martin on Uneven Bars and Nina McGee on Floor Exercise. Denver's Jorie Hall and Melodie Pulgarin Linero tied for the Balance Beam honors. Jessica Wallander, and Jen Larsen were standout performers for the Air Force Academy.

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater took out the Gustie Triangular over Wisconsin-Stout and Gustavus Adolphus. On their way to victory, Whitewater's Annie Mix took out the Uneven Bars title, Megan Love took out the Balance Beam title and Allyse Dieringer took out the honors on Floor Exercise. Stout's Mesha Peterson earned the Vault title whilst Brittany DeZiel won the All Around. Samantha Opsahl was a standout performer for Gustavus Adolphus.

Samantha Musto won the All Around and Floor Exercise titles to held Penn State in their win against the University of Illinois-Chicago. Penn State's Sharaya Musser picked up the Vault title and Madison Merriam picked up a win on the Uneven Bars. Musser also shared the Balance Beam title with UIC's Catherine Dion. Great to see Sidney Sanabria-Robles make a successful return to collegiate gymnastics as well.

Ithaca College opened the season with a loss to The College at Brockport at home. Brockport's Elizabeth Levy picked up the All Around title, whilst her team mate Olivia Sylvestro tied with Ithaca's Valerie Cohen for the top score on Vault. Ithaca College's Rani Jacobsen won the Uneven Bars title, whilst Brockport's Kelcie Morris and Sylvestro picked up the Balance Beam and Floor Exercise titles respectively.

University of Michigan downed the University of Nebraska at home. Michigan's Joanna Sampson won the All Around title and shared in the Floor Exercise honors with Nebraska's Emily Wong. Jamie Schleppenbach took the Vault honors whilst Sachi Sugiyama and Katie Zurales both of the University of Michigan earned the top marks on the Uneven Bars. Jennifer Lauer of Nebraska earned the high mark on the Balance Beam.

Michigan State University fell to Western Michigan at their home meet. Kayla Weber of Western Michigan held off Michigan State's Alina Cartwright and Lisa Burt to take out the All Around total. Cartwright earned the title on the Vault, whilst Caroline O'Brien of Western Michigan tied to the Uneven Bars, with Kelsey Turnquist of WMU taking out the Balance Beam. Lisa Burt and Kayla Weber also tied for the Floor Exercise title.

The Minnesota Gophers won over Washington and in doing so the Gophers earned all the individual honors, besides the All Around in which went to Aliza Vaccher. Kayla Slechta took out the Vault (tied with team mate Kylie Schermann) and Floor Exercise (tied with team mate Janell Campbell), whilst Campbell and Lindsay Mable (Minnesota) tied for the Uneven Bars. Schermann also shared the Beam title with Hannah Nordquist (Minnesota).

The Rutgers Scarlett Knights topped Alaska-Anchorage and Yale in a tri-meet at a home meet at the Livingston Recreation Center. Austria import Simone Penker of Alaska-Anchorage won the All Around title with her fellow Seawolves M'rcy Matsunami and Emily Petersen took out the Vault and Balance Beam titles respectively. Rutgers' Danielle D'Elia earned two titles, the Uneven Bars (tied with team mate Alexis Gunzelman) and the Floor Exercise (shared with team mate Jenna Zito). Tara Feld, Stephanie Goldstein and Joyce Li were standout performers for Yale.

Senior Vanessa Zamarripa was the standout performer for UCLA in their win against Utah. Zamarripa took out the All Around, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam (shared with team mate Danusia Francis) and Floor Exercise (tied with team mate Olivia Courtney). Courtney also picked up the Vault honors, tied with Utah's Tory Wilson.

Towson defeated William and Mary at Kaplan Arena. William and Mary's Jessica Pritchard was the only gymnast to compete on all four events, whilst her team mates Brittany Stover picked up the Vault title and Brandy Stover earned the Balance Beam honors. Towson's Samantha Lutz was triumphant on the Uneven Bars with her team mate Katie Sassa winning on the Floor Exercise.

Stanford University (49.000, 49.325, 49.025, 48.675) 196.025
University of Arizona (48.650, 49.100, 48.700, 49.400) 195.850
University of Illinois (48.400, 48.500, 48.250, 48.600) 193.750
San Jose State University (48.375, 48.600, 47.675, 47.900) 192.550
Aubree Cristello (Arizona) 39.475
Alina Weinstein (Illinois) 39.175
Ashley Morgan (Stanford) 39.125
Allison Flores (Arizona) 38.850
Cami Guyer (San Jose State) 38.675
Jordan Williams (Arizona) 38.475
Giana O'Conner (Illinois) 38.225
Nicole Dayton (Stanford) 9.875
Ivana Hong (Stanford) 9.825
Aubree Cristello (Arizona); Melissa Chuang (Stanford); Taylor Rice (Stanford); Alina Weinstein (Illinois) 9.775
Shana Sangston (Arizona); Barbara Donaldson (Arizona); Ashley Morgan (Stanford); Giana O'Conner (Illinois) 9.750
Cassandra Harrison (San Jose State); Pauline Hanset (Stanford) 9.725
Jordan Williams (Arizona); Amber See (Illinois) 9.700
Kristin Klarenbach (Arizona); Cami Guyer (San Jose State); Bekah Gher (San Jose State); Jasmine Holmes (San Jose State) 9.675
Hannah Gilbert (San Jose State); Jaclyn Kantecki (Illinois) 9.625
Allison Flores (Arizona); Liz McNabb (Illinois) 9.550
Julia Greer (San Jose State); Heather Foley (Illinois) 9.500
Kristina Vaculik (Stanford) 9.925
Ivana Hong (Stanford) 9.900
Aubree Cristello (Arizona) 9.875
Molly Quirk (Arizona); Ashley Morgan (Stanford); Sarah Fiedler (Illinois) 9.850
Shona Morgan (Stanford); Samantha Shapiro (Stanford); Alina Weinstein (Illinois) 9.825
Allison Flores (Arizona); Danielle Buchanan (Arizona); Cami Guyer (San Jose State); Marissa Unpingco (San Jose State) 9.800
Lexi Mills (Arizona); Alyssa Telles-Nolan (San Jose State); Nicole Dayton (Stanford); Jaclyn Kantecki (Illinois) 9.775
Jordan Naleway (Illinois) 9.750
Cassandra Harrison (San Jose State) 9.650
Alyssa Kaschak (San Jose State) 9.575
Sunny Kato (Illinois) 9.300
Jordan Williams (Arizona) 9.175
Giana O'Conner (Illinois) 8.975
Bekah Gher (San Jose State) 8.400
Aubree Cristello (Arizona) 9.900
Shona Morgan (Stanford) 9.875
Ivana Hong (Stanford) 9.850
Kristina Vaculik (Stanford); Giana O'Conner (Illinois) 9.825
Bekah Gher (San Jose State) 9.800
Jordan Williams (Arizona); Amanda Spinner (Stanford); Alina Weinstein (Illinois) 9.750
Shelby Edwards (Arizona); Julia Greer (San Jose State); Ashley Morgan (Stanford); Kelsi Eberly (Illinois); Sunny Kato (Illinois) 9.725
Allison Flores (Arizona) 9.700
Amber Wobma (Arizona); Molly Quirk (Arizona) 9.625
Cami Guyer (San Jose State) 9.575
Tauny Shearer (San Jose State) 9.450
Liz McNabb (Illinois) 9.225
Sarah Fiedler (Illinois) 9.150
Kiley Field (San Jose State) 9.125
Marissa Unpingco (San Jose State) 9.075
Pauline Hanset (Stanford) 9.050
Kristin Klarenbach (Arizona); Aubree Cristello (Arizona) 9.925
Molly Quirk (Arizona) 9.900
Jordan Williams (Arizona) 9.850
Alina Weinstein (Illinois) 9.825
Allison Flores (Arizona); Shana Sangston (Arizona); Ashley Morgan (Stanford) 9.800
Pauline Hanset (Stanford) 9.775
Melissa Chuang (Stanford) 9.750
Sarah Fiedler (Stanford) 9.725
Julia Greer (San Jose State); Nicole Dayton (Stanford); Amber See (Illinois) 9.700
Kelsi Eberly (Illinois); Giana O'Conner (Illinois) 9.675
Taylor Rice (Stanford) 9.650
Cami Guyer (San Jose State) 9.625
Jordan Naleway (Illinois) 9.600
Kiley Field (San Jose State) 9.575
Alyssa Telles-Nolan (San Jose State) 9.525
Jasmine Holmes (San Jose State); Cassandra Harrison (San Jose State) 9.475
Kristina Vaculik (Stanford) 8.800
University of Oklahoma (49.250, 48.950, 49.275, 49.225) 196.700
Arizona State University (48.550, 47.900, 48.650, 48.525) 193.625
Erica Brewer (Oklahoma) 39.350
Taylor Spears (Oklahoma) 39.275
Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma) 38.450
Madison Mooring (Oklahoma) 9.900
Haley Scaman (Oklahoma); Natasha Sundby (Arizona State) 9.875
Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma) 9.850
Taylor Spears (Oklahoma) 9.825
Carissa Kraus (Arizona State); Erica Brewer (Oklahoma) 9.800
Erin Hamister (Arizona State) 9.775
Allie Salas (Arizona State) 9.700
Haley Scaman (Oklahoma) 9.625
Kristine Levin (Arizona State) 9.400
Brie Olson (Oklahoma); Erica Brewer (Oklahoma) 9.825
Rebecca Clark (Oklahoma); Haley Scaman (Oklahoma) 9.775
Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma); Taylor Spears (Oklahoma) 9.750
Carissa Kraus (Arizona State); Kahoku Palafox (Arizona State); Amelia Rew (Arizona State) 9.625
Risa Perez (Arizona State) 9.525
Brianna Gades (Arizona State) 9.500
Stephanie Miceli (Arizona State) 9.450
Erica Brewer (Oklahoma) 9.925
Brie Olson (Oklahoma) 9.900
Lauren Alexander (Oklahoma); Taylor Spears (Oklahoma); Brianna Gades (Arizona State) 9.825
Kahoku Palafox (Arizona State); Madison Mooring (Oklahoma) 9.775
Stephanie Miceli (Arizona State) 9.750
Natasha Sundby (Arizona State) 9.675
Risa Perez (Arizona State) 9.625
Amelia Rew (Arizona State) 8.675
Taylor Spears (Oklahoma) 9.875
Lara Albright (Oklahoma); Madison Mooring (Oklahoma); Brie Olson (Oklahoma) 9.850
Brianna Gades (Arizona State); Risa Perez (Arizona State) 9.825
Erica Brewer (Oklahoma) 9.800
Alex Cope (Arizona State) 9.700
Allie Salas (Arizona State) 9.675
Natasha Sundby (Arizona State) 9.500
Stephanie Miceli (Arizona State); Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma) 9.050
Texas Women's University (48.275, 46.950, 47.800, 47.000) 191.800
Bowling Green State University (48.150, 46.875, 48.150, 47.800) 191.000
Spencer Jones (TWU) 38.225
Alyssa Nocella (BGSU) 37.575
Megan Harrington (BGSU) 37.400
Jamilah Ali (BGSU) 9.850
Sunny Marchand (BGSU); Amy Winczura (TWU) 9.750
Bethany Larimer (TWU) 9.725
Kayla Jones (TWU) 9.675
Amanda Lievendag (BGSU) 9.600
Margaret Mayfield (TWU) 9.575
Spencer Jones (TWU) 9.550
Megan Harrington (BGSU); Kristin Edwards (TWU) 9.500
Gina Locigno (BGSU) 9.450
Alyssa Nocella (BGSU) 9.350
Amanda Lievendag (BGSU) 9.725
Bethany Larimer (TWU) 9.675
Alexandria Porter (BGSU) 9.600
Megan Harrington (BGSU) 9.575
Courtney Cochefski (TWU) 9.500
Paisley Read (TWU) 9.450
Spencer Jones (TWU) 9.375
Caroline Ellingboe (BGSU) 9.225
Amy Winczura (TWU) 8.950
Alyssa Nocella (BGSU) 8.750
Lindsay Koch (BGSU) 8.600
Victoria Cochefski (TWU) 8.050
Alyssa Nocella (BGSU); Bethany Larimer (TWU) 9.800
Spencer Jones (TWU) 9.775
Ciara Maradiaga (TWU) 9.750
Margaret Mayfield (TWU) 9.725
Stephanie Repp (TWU) 9.675
Kristin Edwards (TWU) 9.650
Caroline Ellingboe (BGSU); Maria Salvia (BGSU); Jamilah Ali (BGSU) 9.600
Gina Locigno (BGSU) 9.550
Megan Harrington (BGSU) 9.175
Kristin Edwards (TWU); Jamilah Ali (BGSU) 9.750
Gina Locigno (BGSU) 9.700
Alyssa Nocella (BGSU) 9.675
Megan Valentini (BGSU) 9.650
Margaret Mayfield (TWU) 9.625
Kayla Jones (TWU) 9.575
Spencer Jones (TWU) 9.525
Amy Winczura (TWU) 9.375
Megan Harrington (BGSU) 9.150
Ciara Maradiaga (TWU) 9.100

Brigham Young University (48.400, 48.950, 48.100, 48.625) 194.075
Utah State University (48.150, 48.550, 47.775, 44.950) 189.425
Raquel Willman (Brigham Young) 38.950
Paige Jones (Utah State) 38.800
Sarah Landes (Utah State) 38.650
Destiny Ezell (Utah State) 37.950
Hayley Sanzotti (Utah State) 37.850
Eliane Kulczyk (Brigham Young); Madeline Nilsson (Brigham Young); Paige Jones (Utah State) 9.750
Sarah Landes (Utah State); Kaitlyn Betts (Utah State) 9.700
Haylee Rollins (Brigham Young) 9.650
Raquel Willman (Brigham Young); Makenzie Johnson (Brigham Young) 9.625
Sarah Yandow Wensel (Brigham Young) 9.575
Michelle Yasukochi (Utah State) 9.550
Hayley Sanzotti (Utah State) 9.450
Destiny Ezell (Utah State) 9.050
Haylee Rollins (Brigham Young) 9.875
Megan Bain (Brigham Young) 9.850
Sarah Landes (Utah State) 9.800
Madeline Nilsson (Brigham Young); Raquel Willman (Brigham Young) 9.775
Kaitlyn Betts (Utah State) 9.725
Paige Jones (Utah State); Destiny Ezell (Utah State) 9.700
Margaurite Lindstrom (Brigham Young) 9.675
Michelle Yasukochi (Utah State); Hayley Sanzotti (Utah State) 9.625
Sarah Yandow Wensel (Brigham Young) 9.150
Megan Bain (Brigham Young) 9.900
Makenzie Johnson (Brigham Young); Raquel Willman (Brigham Young) 9.775
Ashley Follett (Brigham Young) 9.650
Stefanie Daley (Utah State) 9.625
Paige Jones (Utah State); Destiny Ezell (Utah State) 9.575
JoAnna Cuba (Utah State) 9.525
Sarah Landes (Utah State) 9.475
Hayley Sanzotti (Utah State) 9.100
Emily Vidmar (Brigham Young) 9.000
Madeline Nilsson (Brigham Young) 8.525
Megan Bain (Brigham Young) 9.825
Raquel Willman (Brigham Young); Paige Jones (Utah State) 9.775
Makenzie Johnson (Brigham Young) 9.725
Jordan Schult (Brigham Young); Sarah Landes (Utah State); Hayley Sanzotti (Utah State) 9.675
Sarah Yandow Wensel (Brigham Young); Destiny Ezell (Utah State) 9.625
Eliane Kulczyk (Brigham Young) 9.425
Michelle Yasukochi (Utah State) 6.200

University of Denver (49.025, 49.275, 48.900, 49.400) 196.600
United States Air Force Academy (48.275, 47.975, 46.875, 47.900) 191.025
Maggie Laughlin (Denver) 38.975
Jen Larsen (Air Force) 38.250
Linnaea Hance (Air Force) 38.150
Katie Hawthorne (Air Force) 37.800
Kaitlin Moorhead (Denver) 9.850
Emily Barrett (Denver); Brianna Springer (Denver); Melodie Pulgarin Linero (Denver) 9.800
Jessica Wallander (Air Force) 9.775
Maggie Laughlin (Denver) 9.750
Katie Hawthorne (Air Force); Jen Larsen (Air Force) 9.650
Linnaea Hance (Air Force) 9.625
Jessica Hanner (Air Force) 9.575
Shannen Kelly (Air Force) 9.350
Moriah Martin (Denver) 9.150
Moriah Martin (Denver) 9.925
Nina McGee (Denver) 9.875
Maggie Laughlin (Denver); Melodie Pulgarin Linero (Denver); Brianna Springer (Denver) 9.850
Linnaea Hance (Air Force) 9.775
Katie Hawthorne (Air Force) 9.675
Katie Menhinick (Denver); Jen Larsen (Air Force) 9.650
Jessica Hanner (Air Force) 9.500
Alexandra Stych (Air Force) 9.425
Jessica Wallander (Air Force) 9.350
Jorie Hall (Denver); Melodie Pulgarin Linero (Denver) 9.850
Ellese Sakai-Hart (Denver) 9.775
Emily Barrett (Denver) 9.725
Brianna Springer (Denver) 9.700
Jessica Hanner (Air Force) 9.625
Maggie Laughlin (Denver); Emily Bucher (Air Force) 9.600
Linnaea Hance (Air Force) 9.275
Shannen Kelly (Air Force) 9.225
Jen Larsen (Air Force) 9.150
Katie Hawthorne (Air Force) 8.725
Nina McGee (Denver) 9.950
Moriah Martin (Denver); Kaitlin Moorhead (Denver) 9.900
Jorie Hall (Denver) 9.875
Jen Larsen (Air Force) 9.800
Maggie Laughlin (Denver); Katie Menhinick (Denver) 9.775
Katie Hawthorne (Air Force) 9.750
Linnaea Hance (Air Force) 9.525
Shannen Kelly (Air Force) 9.500
Jessica Wallander (Air Force) 9.325
Kim McRobbie (Air Force) 7.950

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (46.475, 45.275, 45.500, 46.950) 184.200
University of Wisconsin-Stout (45.150, 45.200, 44.850, 45.700) 180.900
Gustavus Adolphus College (45.525, 39.900, 43.650, 44.500) 173.575
Brittany DeZiel (UW-Stout) 37.150
Katie Thompson (UW-Whitewater) 37.100
Mesha Peterson (UW-Stout) 36.625
Chloe Hustad (UW-Stout) 35.475
Jamie Ries (Gustavus Adolphus) 35.100
Bailey Zeinert (Gustavus Adolphus) 33.725
Mesha Peterson (UW-Stout) 9.500
Megan Love (UW-Whitewater); Katie Thompson (UW-Whitewater) 9.400
Brittany DeZiel (UW-Stout) 9.300
Cierra Talcott (UW-Whitewater); Siri Wischmann (UW-Whitewater) 9.250
Kacy Lorber (Gustavus Adolphus) 9.225
Kaitlyn Weber (UW-Whitewater) 9.175
Paige Dieleman (Gustavus Adolphus); Samantha Opsahl (Gustavus Adolphus) 9.125
Jamie Ries (Gustavus Adolphus) 9.100
Tiffany Etterman (Gustavus Adolphus) 8.950
Chloe Hustad (UW-Stout) 8.925
Bailey Zeinert (Gustavus Adolphus); Randi Schorzman (UW-Stout) 8.800
Kim Gulik (UW-Stout) 8.625
Alexis Byington (UW-Whitewater) 8.550
Callie Counts (UW-Stout) 8.500
Annie Mix (UW-Whitewater) 9.500
Katie Thompson (UW-Whitewater) 9.475
Genna Boeckmann (UW-Stout) 9.325
Brittany DeZiel (UW-Stout) 9.250
Mary Kate Young (UW-Whitewater) 9.150
Mesha Peterson (UW-Stout) 8.975
Allyse Dieringer (UW-Whitewater) 8.875
Jenna Lensing (UW-Stout) 8.850
Chloe Hustad (UW-Stout) 8.800
Sara Perez (UW-Stout) 8.700
Jamie Ries (Gustavus Adolphus) 8.625
Jen McKiernan (UW-Whitewater) 8.275
Shelby Winzent (Gustavus Adolphus) 8.200
Paige Dieleman (Gustavus Adolphus) 7.925
Cierra Talcott (UW-Whitewater) 7.850
Bailey Zeinert (Gustavus Adolphus) 7.700
Tiffany Etterman (Gustavus Adolphus) 7.450
Kacie Kohler (Gustavus Adolphus) 7.100
Megan Love (UW-Whitewater) 9.400
Randi Schorzman (UW-Stout); Allyse Dieringer (UW-Whitewater) 9.275
Samantha Opsahl (Gustavus Adolphus); Brittany DeZiel (UW-Stout) 9.175
Callie Counts (UW-Stout); Steffi Heuer (UW-Whitewater) 9.000
Katie Thompson (UW-Whitewater) 8.925
Mary Kate Young (UW-Whitewater) 8.900
Amanda Christensen (Gustavus Adolphus); Siri Wischmann (UW-Whitewater) 8.850
Mesha Peterson (UW-Stout) 8.725
Jenna Lensing (UW-Stout) 8.675
Paige Dieleman (Gustavus Adolphus) 8.600
Bailey Zeinert (Gustavus Adolphus); Chloe Hustad (UW-Stout) 8.575
Jamie Ries (Gustavus Adolphus) 8.450
Rachel Thiner (Gustavus Adolphus) 7.750
Allyse Dieringer (UW-Whitewater) 9.600
Cierra Talcott (UW-Whitewater) 9.525
Brittany DeZiel (UW-Stout); Mesha Peterson (UW-Stout) 9.425
Katie Thompson (UW-Whitewater) 9.300
Siri Wischmann (UW-Whitewater) 9.275
Kaitlyn Weber (UW-Whitewater) 9.250
Chloe Hustad (UW-Stout) 9.175
Samantha Opsahl (Gustavus Adolphus) 9.150
Mary Kate Young (UW-Whitewater) 9.000
Amanda Christensen (Gustavus Adolphus) 8.950
Jamie Ries (Gustavus Adolphus) 8.925
Kaitlynn Christensen (UW-Stout) 8.875
Ashley Greeder (Gustavus Adolphus) 8.825
Callie Counts (UW-Stout) 8.800
Bailey Zeinert (Gustavus Adolphus) 8.650
Randi Schorzman (UW-Stout) 8.300
Kacy Lorber (Gustavus Adolphus) 8.175

Penn State University (48.900, 49.000, 48.600, 47.650) 194.150
University of Illinois-Chicago (48.475, 47.775, 47.750, 47.700) 191.700
Samantha Musto (Penn State) 39.025
Sharaya Musser (Penn State) 38.600
Sidney Sanabria-Robles (Penn State) 38.425
Chantel Turk (UIC) 38.275
Alexis Carroll (Penn State) 37.950
Gabrielle May (UIC) 37.900
Sharaya Musser (Penn State) 9.900
Samantha Musto (Penn State) 9.825
Chantel Turk (UIC) 9.800
Sidney Sanabria-Robles (Penn State) 9.775
Alyssa Cruz (UIC); Citlali Cuevas (UIC); Alexandra Witt (Penn State); Alexis Carroll (Penn State) 9.700
Catherine Dion (UIC) 9.675
Gabrielle May (UIC) 9.600
Kimberly Randall (UIC) 9.475
Madison Merriam (Penn State) 9.175
Madison Merriam (Penn State) 9.900
Sharaya Musser (Penn State) 9.850
Gabrielle May (UIC); Samantha Musto (Penn State) 9.775
Kassidy Stauder (Penn State) 9.750
Chantel Turk (UIC); Sidney Sanabria-Robles (Penn State) 9.725
Alexis Carroll (Penn State) 9.675
Citlali Cuevas (UIC); Erin Duggan (UIC) 9.650
Kimberly Randall (UIC) 8.975
Giulia Hindermann (UIC) 8.700
Catherine Dion (UIC); Sharaya Musser (Penn State) 9.825
Erin Duggan (UIC) 9.750
Sidney Sanabria-Robles (Penn State) 9.725
Kassidy Stauder (Penn State) 9.700
Alix Faden (Penn State); Samantha Musto (Penn State) 9.675
Chantel Turk (UIC) 9.550
Alyssa Cruz (UIC) 9.450
Gabrielle May (UIC) 9.175
Alexis Carroll (Penn State) 9.100
Emily Lawrence (UIC) 8.600
Samantha Musto (Penn State) 9.750
Citlali Cuevas (UIC) 9.675
Madison Merriam (Penn State) 9.650
Tamara Moten (UIC) 9.600
Kassidy Stauder (Penn State) 9.575
Emily Lawrence (UIC) 9.550
Catherine Dion (UIC) 9.525
Alexis Carroll (Penn State) 9.475
Gabrielle May (UIC) 9.350
Chantel Turk (UIC); Sidney Sanabria-Robles (Penn State) 9.200
Sharaya Musser (Penn State) 9.025

College at Brockport (46.400, 42.825, 45.525, 44.700) 179.450
Ithaca College (45.475, 44.750, 42.850, 44.750) 177.825
Elizabeth Levy (Brockport) 35.150
Katie Sampson (Ithaca) 34.025
Olivia Sylvestro (Brockport); Valerie Cohen (Ithaca) 9.475
Lexi King (Brockport) 9.400
Amanda Carney (Brockport) 9.375
Rani Jacobsen (Ithaca) 9.225
Tiffany Grube (Ithaca) 9.200
Elizabeth Levy (Brockport) 9.150
Taryn Kateridge (Brockport) 9.000
Shianna Gallo (Ithaca) 8.825
Katie Thompson (Ithaca); Meredith Daniels (Ithaca) 8.750
Gabby Pettito (Brockport) 8.650
Rani Jacobsen (Ithaca) 9.275
Christine Niles (Ithaca) 9.200
Shianna Gallo (Ihaca) 8.900
Kathryn Coghlan (Brockport) 8.800
Taryn Kateridge (Brockport) 8.775
Chelsea Robie (Ithaca) 8.725
Kate Woodward (Ithaca) 8.650
Kelcie Morris (Brockport) 8.600
Elizabeth Levy (Brockport) 8.550
Katie Sampson (Ithaca) 8.350
Heidi Beckerich (Brockport) 8.100
Stephanie Schuler (Brockport) 8.000
Kelcie Morris (Brockport) 9.225
Elizabeth Levy (Brockport) 9.175
Samantha Spaid (Brockport) 9.150
Tiffany Grube (Ithaca) 9.050
Amanda Rota (Brockport) 9.025
Lily Jagodzinski (Brockport) 8.950
Chelsea Robie (Ithaca) 8.850
Kate Woodward (Ithaca) 8.775
Jessica Rockafellow (Brockport) 8.750
Katie Sampson (Ithaca) 8.125
Megan Harrington (Ithaca) 8.050
Angela DiFrancesca (Ithaca) 7.300
Olivia Sylvestro (Brockport) 9.400
Valerie Cohen (Ithaca) 9.350
Lexi King (Brockport) 9.275
Jessica Rockafellow (Brockport) 9.175
Chelsea Robie (Ithaca) 9.100
Meredith Daniels (Ithaca) 8.925
Katie Sampson (Ithaca) 8.800
Emma Duncan (Ithaca); Taryn Kateridge (Brockport) 8.575
Tiffany Grube (Ithaca) 8.500
Elizabeth Levy (Brockport) 8.275
Amanda Carney (Brockport) 8.075

University of Michigan (49.000, 49.350, 49.175, 49.375) 196.900
University of Nebraska (48.950, 48.950, 49.325, 49.075) 196.300
Joanna Sampson (Michigan) 39.400
Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska); Emily Wong (Nebraska) 39.375
Jennifer Lauer (Nebraska) 39.200
Jannelle Giblin (Nebraska) 38.800
Sachi Sugiyama (Michigan) 38.650
Jamie Schleppenbach (Nebraska) 9.875
Sachi Sugiyama (Michigan) 9.825
Stephanie Colbert (Michigan); Katie Zurales (Michigan); Joanna Sampson (Michigan) 9.800
Reema Zakharia (Michigan); Desire Stephens (Nebraska); Jannelle Giblin (Nebraska); Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska) 9.775
Emily Wong (Nebraska) 9.750
Briley Casanova (Michigan) 9.725
Jennifer Lauer (Nebraska) 9.675
Katie Zurales (Michigan); Sachi Sugiyama (Michigan) 9.900
Shelby Gies (Michigan); Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska) 9.875
Brittnee Martinez (Michigan) 9.850
Joanna Sampson (Michigan); Jennifer Lauer (Nebraska) 9.825
Emily Wong (Nebraska) 9.800
Kassandra Nathe (Nebraska) 9.750
Lindsay Williams (Michigan) 9.725
Holly Blanske (Nebraska) 9.700
Jannelle Giblin (Nebraska) 9.475
Jennifer Lauer (Nebraska) 9.950
Katie Zurales (Michigan); Emily Wong (Nebraska) 9.900
Brittnee Martinez (Michigan) 9.875
Joanna Sampson (Michigan); Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska) 9.850
Shelby Gies (Michigan); Jannelle Giblin (Nebraska) 9.825
Kassandra Nathe (Nebraska) 9.800
Annette Miele (Michigan) 9.725
Holly Blanske (Nebraska) 9.525
Sachi Sugiyama (Michigan) 9.050
Joanna Sampson (Michigan); Emily Wong (Nebraska) 9.925
Natalie Beilstein (Michigan) 9.900
Sachi Sugiyama (Michigan); Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska) 9.875
Stephanie Colbert (Michigan) 9.850
Reema Zakharia (Michigan) 9.825
Shelby Gies (Michigan) 9.800
Desire Stephens (Nebraska) 9.775
Jennifer Lauer (Nebraska); Jamie Schleppenbach (Nebraska) 9.750
Jannelle Giblin (Nebraska) 9.725

Western Michigan University (49.000, 48.800, 47.675, 48.025) 193.500
Michigan State University (48.575, 47.225, 48.400, 48.525) 192.725
Kayla Weber (Western Michigan) 39.150
Alina Cartwright (Michigan State) 38.950
Lisa Burt (Michigan State) 38.275
Nicola Deans (Michigan State) 37.650
Alina Cartwright (Michigan State) 9.900
Jessica Buis (Western Michigan) 9.850
Lauren Bledsloe (Western Michigan) 9.825
Taira Neal (Michigan State); Kayla Weber (Western Michigan); Hannah Brooks (Western Michigan) 9.800
Dani Levy (Michigan State); Brittany Adams (Western Michigan) 9.725
Shelby Pflug (Western Michigan) 9.675
Nicola Deans (Michigan State) 9.650
Lisa Burt (Michigan State); Ashley Noll (Michigan State) 9.500
Caroline O'Brien (Western Michigan) 9.900
Michelle Adams (Western Michigan); Kayla Weber (Western Michigan) 9.775
Alina Cartwright (Michigan State); Taira Neal (Michigan State); Brynn Wienckowski (Western Michigan); Shelby MacDonald (Western Michigan) 9.675
Brittney Holmes (Michigan State) 9.575
Lisa Burt (Michigan State) 9.250
Lindsey Wienckowski (Western Michigan) 9.075
Ashley Stevenson (Michigan State); Nicola Deans (Michigan State) 9.050
Kelsey Turnquist (Western Michigan) 9.825
Kayla Weber (Western Michigan) 9.800
Lisa Burt (Michigan State) 9.750
Alina Cartwright (Michigan State) 9.700
Brittany Holmes (Michigan State) 9.675
Dani Levy (Michigan State) 9.650
Ashley Noll (Michigan State) 9.625
Shelby MacDonald (Western Michigan); Sarah Wright (Western Michigan) 9.575
Nicola Deans (Michigan State) 9.225
Lauren Bledsloe (Western Michigan) 8.900
Caroline O'Brien (Western Michigan) 8.875
Lisa Burt (Michigan State); Kayla Weber (Western Michigan) 9.775
Nicola Deans (Michigan State) 9.725
Ashley Noll (Michigan State) 9.700
Alina Cartwright (Michigan State); Michelle Adams (Western Michigan) 9.675
Jodi Andrews (Michigan State) 9.650
Brynn Wienckowski (Western Michigan) 9.625
Brittany Holmes (Michigan State) 9.575
Brittany Adams (Western Michigan) 9.525
Caroline O'Brien (Western Michigan) 9.425
Lauren Bledsloe (Western Michigan) 9.050

University of Minnesota (49.275, 48.800, 48.375, 49.100) 195.550
University of Washington (48.700, 48.100, 48.575, 48.125) 193.500
Aliza Vaccher (Washington) 38.850
Jenny Covers (Minnesota) 38.825
Lindsay Mable (Minnesota) 38.675
Kayla Slechta (Minnesota) 9.950
Kylie Schermann (Minnesota); Lauren Rogers (Washington) 9.900
Jenny Covers (Minnesota) 9.875
Lindsay Mable (Minnesota) 9.850
Allison Northey (Washington) 9.800
Hannah Nordquist (Minnesota); Cierra Tomson (Minnesota); Aliza Vaccher (Washington) 9.700
Kiersten Graber (Washington); Megan Whitney (Washington) 9.650
Madison Podlucky (Washington) 8.350
Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Janell Campbell (Minnesota) 9.825
Kayla Slechta (Minnesota); Cierra Tomson (Minnesota); McKenzie Fechter (Washington); Jaclyn McCartin (Washington) 9.725
Madie Hanley (Minnesota) 9.700
Sheridan Metcalf (Washington) 9.650
Aliza Vaccher (Washington) 9.575
Jenny Covers (Minnesota) 9.450
Allison Northey (Washington) 9.425
Lauren Rogers (Washington) 9.250
Hannah Nordquist (Minnesota) 9.850
Kylie Schermann (Minnesota); McKenzie Fechter (Washington); Paige Bixler (Washington) 9.775
Lauren Rogers (Washington); Aliza Vaccher (Washington) 9.750
Jenny Covers (Minnesota); Shannon Golich (Minnesota) 9.725
Jaclyn McCartin (Washington) 9.525
Lindsay Mable (Minnesota) 9.300
Cierra Tomson (Minnesota) 9.275
Allison Northey (Washington) 9.225
Kayla Slechta (Minnesota); Janell Campbell (Minnesota) 9.875
Aliza Vaccher (Washington) 9.825
Hannah Nordquist (Minnesota) 9.800
Jenny Covers (Minnesota); Kylie Schermann (Minnesota) 9.775
Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Kiersten Graber (Washington) 9.700
McKenzie Fechter (Washington) 9.625
Paige Bixler (Washington) 9.525
Kylie Sharp (Washington) 9.450
Jaclyn McCartin (Washington) 9.425

Rutgers University (48.200, 48.850, 48.050, 48.800) 193.900
University of Alaska-Anchorage (48.500, 47.875, 48.400, 46.775) 191.550
Yale University (47.175, 45.850, 45.550, 47.175) 185.750
Simone Penker (Alaska-Anchorage) 38.450
M'rcy Matsunami (Alaska-Anchorage) 38.175
Morgan Cook (Alaska-Anchorage) 37.900
Stephanie Goldstein (Yale) 37.850
Joyce Li (Yale) 37.800
Morgan Traina (Yale) 36.050
Tara Feld (Yale) 35.725
M'rcy Matsunami (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.850
Jenna Williams (Rutgers) 9.800
Morgan Cook (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.725
Marie-Sophie Boggasch (Alaska-Anchorage); Alyssa Straub (Rutgers) 9.700
Simone Penker (Alaska-Anchorage); Jenna Zito (Rutgers) 9.650
Joyce Li (Yale) 9.600
Emily Petersen (Alaska-Anchorage); Nicolette Wilson (Rutgers); Brittney Sooksengdao (Yale) 9.575
Kayli Davies (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.500
Nicole Romano (Rutgers) 9.475
Sara Skammer (Rutgers) 9.450
Stephanie Goldstein (Yale) 9.425
Morgan Traina (Yale) 9.350
Katherine Lucas (Yale) 9.225
Tara Feld (Yale) 9.000
Danielle D'Elia (Rutgers); Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers) 9.850
Jenna Williams (Rutgers) 9.825
Simone Penker (Alaska-Anchorage); Emily Petersen (Alaska-Anchorage); Sara Skammer (Rutgers) 9.725
Marie-Sophie Boggasch (Alaska-Anchorage); Joyce Li (Yale) 9.675
Lindsay Andsager (Yale) 9.625
M'rcy Matsunami (Alaska-Anchorage); Emma Hoffman (Rutgers) 9.600
Alyssa Straub (Rutgers) 9.200
Stephanie Goldstein (Yale) 9.175
Sariaye Jensen (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.150
Morgan Cook (Alaska-Anchorage) 8.975
Morgan Traina (Yale) 8.775
Tara Feld (Yale) 8.600
Nicole Tay (Yale) 8.375
Emily Petersen (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.800
Jenna Williams (Rutgers) 9.775
Simone Penker (Alaska-Anchorage); Anastasia Halbig (Rutgers) 9.750
Morgan Cook (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.700
Jenna Zito (Rutgers) 9.675
Stephanie Goldstein (Yale) 9.650
Chelsey Baker (Alaska-Anchorage); Alexis Gunzelman (Rutgers) 9.625
M'rcy Matsunami (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.525
Claudia Salinas (Rutgers); Emma-Rose Trentacosti (Rutgers); Morgan Traina (Yale) 9.225
Joyce Li (Yale) 9.025
Ashley O'Connor (Yale) 8.900
Brittney Sooksengdao (Yale) 8.750
Paige Pirie (Alaska-Anchorage); Tara Feld (Yale) 8.450
Danielle D'Elia (Rutgers); Jenna Zito (Rutgers) 9.825
Danielle Verdon (Rutgers) 9.775
Alyssa Straub (Rutgers) 9.725
Tara Feld (Yale) 9.675
Katie Stebick (Rutgers) 9.650
Stephanie Goldstein (Yale); Brittney Sooksengdao (Yale) 9.600
Morgan Cook (Alaska-Anchorage); Joyce Li (Yale) 9.500
Paige Pirie (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.450
Simone Penker (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.325
Stefany Bryan (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.300
M'rcy Matsunami (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.200
Kayli Davies (Alaska-Anchorage) 9.150
Nicole Romano (Rutgers) 9.100
Katherine Lucas (Yale) 8.800
Morgan Traina (Yale) 8.700

University of California - Los Angeles (49.300, 49.275, 49.300, 49.550) 197.425
University of Utah (49.250, 48.075, 48.875, 49.100) 195.300
Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA) 39.675
Georgia Dabritz (Utah) 39.400
Corrie Lothrop (Utah) 39.300
Olivia Courtney (UCLA) 39.225
Mary Beth Lofgren (Utah) 38.225
Olivia Courtney (UCLA); Tory Wilson (Utah) 9.900
Dana McDonald (UCLA); Kaelie Baer (UCLA); Georgia Dabritz (Utah) 9.875
Lia Del Priore (Utah) 9.850
Monique De La Torre (UCLA); Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA); Nansy Damianova (Utah) 9.825
Sydney Sawa (UCLA); Corrie Lothrop (Utah) 9.800
Mary Beth Lofgren (Utah) 9.700
Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA) 9.975
Lichelle Wong (UCLA) 9.900
Mattie Larson (UCLA); Georgia Dabritz (Utah) 9.875
Olivia Courtney (UCLA); Breanna Hughes (Utah); Corrie Lothrop (Utah) 9.850
Danusia Francis (UCLA) 9.675
Sophina DeJesus (UCLA) 9.300
Hailee Hansen (Utah) 9.275
Nansy Damianova (Utah) 9.225
Mary Beth Lofgren (Utah) 9.125
Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA); Danusia Francis (UCLA) 9.925
Georgia Dabritz (Utah) 9.875
Mattie Larson (UCLA) 9.850
Sophina DeJesus (UCLA); Breanna Hughes (Utah); Corrie Lothrop (Utah) 9.825
Kaelie Baer (UCLA) 9.775
Becky Tutka (Utah) 9.750
Mary Beth Lofgren (Utah) 9.600
Olivia Courtney (UCLA) 9.525
Tory Wilson (Utah) 9.275
Vanessa Zamarripa (UCLA); Olivia Courtney (UCLA) 9.950
Alyssa Pritchett (UCLA) 9.925
Sophina DeJesus (UCLA) 9.875
Dana McDonald (UCLA); Nansy Damianova (Utah); Becky Tutka (Utah) 9.850
Corrie Lothrop (Utah) 9.825
Sadiqua Bynum (UCLA); Mary Beth Lofgren (Utah) 9.800
Georgia Dabritz (Utah) 9.775
Tory Wilson (Utah) 9.725

Towson University (47.950, 48.125, 48.000, 47.950) 192.025
William and Mary (48.150, 47.525, 46.500, 46.575) 188.750
Jessica Pritchard (William and Mary) 37.800
Brittany Stover (William and Mary) 9.775
Katie Sassa (Towson) 9.725
Samantha Ward (Towson) 9.675
Larsen Lasek (William and Mary) 9.650
Kristie Wei (William and Mary) 9.600
Alyssa Glass (William and Mary) 9.575
Jennifer Ware (William and Mary); Lydia Thompson (Towson) 9.550
Britney Russell (Towson) 9.525
Jessica Pritchard (William and Mary); Nicolette Vignola (Towson) 9.475
Lauren Ross (Towson) 9.400
Samantha Lutz (Towson) 9.750
Rebecca Osmer (Towson) 9.725
Maggie Lundeen (William and Mary); Abby Griswold (Towson) 9.700
Brittany Stover (William and Mary) 9.650
Lydia Thompson (Towson) 9.625
Larsen Lasek (William and Mary) 9.600
Caitlyn Cook-Furr (William and Mary) 9.425
Samantha Ward (Towson) 9.325
Jessica Pritchard (William and Mary) 9.150
Macalla Curtis (Towson) 8.725
Alyssa Glass (William and Mary) 8.050
Brandy Stover (William and Mary) 9.825
Katie Sassa (Towson) 9.800
Abby Griswold (Towson) 9.700
Jessica Pritchard (William and Mary) 9.675
Alexa Davis (Townson) 9.650
Samantha Ward (Towson) 9.600
Lauren Ross (Towson) 9.250
Brittany Stover (William and Mary) 9.200
Lydia Thompson (Towson) 9.075
Maggie Lundeen (William and Mary) 8.925
Taylor James (William and Mary) 8.875
Kristie Wei (William and Mary) 8.850
Katie Sassa (Towson) 9.675
Maggie Lundeen (William and Mary) 9.650
Nicolette Vignola (Towson) 9.625
Erin Odom (Towson) 9.575
Alyssa Glass (William and Mary); Alexa Davis (Towson) 9.550
Macalla Curtis (Towson) 9.525
Jessica Pritchard (William and Mary) 9.500
Abby Griswold (Towson) 9.050
Larson Lasek (William and Mary) 9.025
Amanda McGee (William and Mary) 8.850
Caroline Ramirez-Gaston (William and Mary) 8.750

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