NCAA Women's Gymnastics Results - 16th January

7:56 PM

Ursinus College fell to West Chester University in their home meet which took place on the 16th of January. Ursinus' Johanna Warren was the only gymnast to compete on all four events in a competition which saw her team mates, Monica Durham and Kristin Aichele pick up the Uneven Bars and Balance Beam titles respectively. West Chester's Kaley LaFleur took the top mark on the Vault with fellow WCU gymnast Melissa Voskian winning the Floor Exercise title.

West Chester University (47.250, 45.750, 44.675, 45.725) 183.400
Ursinus College (46.475, 44.850, 44.600, 44.750) 180.675
Johanna Warren (Ursinus) 35.875
Kaley LaFleur (West Chester) 9.600
Melissa Voskian (West Chester) 9.575
Kristin Aichele (Ursinus) 9.525
Monica Durham (Ursinus); Melissa Prisco (West Chester) 9.475
Stephanie Plaugher (West Chester) 9.350
Johanna Warren (Ursinus); Lindsay Knapp (West Chester) 9.250
Stephanie Schmidt (Ursinus) 9.175
Megan Bolash (Ursinus) 9.050
Riley Acton (Ursinus) 9.000
Jacklyn Clark (West Chester) 8.600
Monica Durham (Ursinus) 9.475
Meghan Brannon (West Chester) 9.400
Jacklyn Clark (West Chester) 9.250
Jamie Hammell (Ursinus); Emily Seigel (West Chester) 9.100
Cassandra Ringer (West Chester) 9.050
Karen Laskaris (West Chester) 8.950
Riley Acton (Ursinus) 8.900
Tianna Lettieri (Ursinus) 8.875
Erica Schnebel (Ursinus); Paige Griffin (West Chester) 8.500
Johanna Warren (Ursinus) 8.450
Kristin Aichele (Ursinus) 9.600
Emily Seigel (West Chester) 9.325
Kaley LaFleur (West Chester) 9.050
Johanna Warren (Ursinus) 8.975
Cassandra Ringer (West Chester) 8.900
Jamie Hammell (Ursinus) 8.850
Lindsay Knapp (West Chester) 8.800
Karina Marks (Ursinus) 8.650
Cecilia Lorenzen (West Chester) 8.600
Megan Bolash (Ursinus) 8.525
Stephanie Schmidt (Ursinus) 8.300
Patti Konschak (West Chester) 8.175
Melissa Voskian (West Chester) 9.575
Stephanie Schmidt (Ursinus) 9.475
Meghan Brannon (West Chester) 9.300
Johanna Warren (Ursinus) 9.200
Paige Griffin (West Chester) 9.175
Kaley LaFleur (West Chester) 9.100
Monica Durham (Ursinus) 9.050
Lindsay Knapp (West Chester) 8.575
Riley Acton (Ursinus) 8.550
Dana Feigenbaum (Ursinus) 8.475
Rachel Pearson (West Chester) 6.600

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