NCAA Women's Gymnastics Results - UW-La Crosse vs Winona State

6:54 AM

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse triumphed against Winona State University at the McCown Gymnasium on the 15th of January. UW-La Crosse's Sheree Romesburg was the only gymnast to compete on all four events and also earned the top marks on the Floor Exercise. Her team mate Christa Booman won the Uneven Bars title. Winona State's Jena Jondahl won the Vault title whilst Cassandra Mello won the Balance Beam honors.
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse (45.775, 43.425, 46.600, 45.650) 181.450
Winona State University (46.375, 41.825, 45.775, 45.325) 179.300
Sheree Romesburg (UW-La Crosse) 36.450
Jena Jondahl (Winona State) 9.525
Sheree Romesburg (UW-La Crosse) 9.475
Natalie Hall (UW-La Crosse) 9.375
Jade Donaldson (Winona State) 9.325
Tegan Oare (UW-La Crosse) 9.300
Olivia Catellino (Winona State) 9.225
Kelsey Valdez (Winona State) 9.175
Brooke Hiestand (Winona State) 9.125
Stephanie Wojton (Winona State); Christa Booman (UW-La Crosse) 9.075
Ali Berry (UW-La Crosse) 8.550
Nicole Mickelson (UW-La Crosse) 8.500
Christa Booman (UW-La Crosse) 8.900
Danielle Thenell (Winona State); Jen Andersen (UW-La Crosse) 8.875
Rachel Riesterer (UW-La Crosse) 8.700
Kristen Buschke (UW-La Crosse) 8.650
Jade Donaldson (Winona State) 8.575
Melanee Pfautz (Winona State) 8.400
Sheree Romesburg (UW-La Crosse) 8.300
Katie Palluck (UW-La Crosse) 8.225
Brooke Baures (Winona State) 8.150
Olivia Catellino (Winona State) 7.825
Jena Jondahl (Winona State) 7.600
Cassandra Mello (Winona State) 9.500
Christa Booman (UW-La Crosse) 9.475
Ali Berry (UW-La Crosse) 9.425
Jen Andersen (UW-La Crosse) 9.375
Sheree Romesburg (UW-La Crosse) 9.325
Brooke Baures (Winona State) 9.100
Sabrina Hoover (Winona State); Jena Jondahl (Winona State) 9.075
Stephanie Wojton (Winona State) 9.025
Jessica Herrmann (UW-La Crosse) 9.000
Jade Donaldson (Winona State) 8.500
Tegan Oare (UW-La Crosse) 8.200
Sheree Romesburg (UW-La Crosse) 9.350
Stephanie Wojton (Winona State) 9.325
Ali Berry (UW-La Crosse) 9.300
Natalie Hall (UW-La Crosse) 9.175
Brooke Hiestand (Winona State) 9.100
Samantha Smith (Winona State) 9.000
Sabrina Hoover (Winona State); Cassandra Mello (Winona State); Carly Kiesow (UW-La Crosse) 8.950
Jessica Herrmann (UW-La Crosse) 8.875
Katie Palluck (UW-La Crosse) 8.700
Olivia Catellino (Winona State) 8.675

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