Event Finals Results - 2013 USAG Collegiate National Championships

7:28 PM

Texas Women's University Seniors Bethany Larimer, Kristin Edwards and Amy Winczura tied for the Vault honors. A little random fact - seven out of the eleven Vault finalists were Seniors! University of Pennsylvania's Senior Kirsten Strausbaugh won the Uneven Bars title with U.S. Air Force Academy Junior Katie Hawthorne, Cornell University Junior Melanie Jorgensen and Pennsylvania's Megan Milavec (Senior) tying for second place. Larimer and Lindenwood University Freshman Rachel Zabawa  shared the Balance Beam honors, whilst the University of Bridgeport's Sophomore Sasha Tsikhanovich winning the Floor Exercise title. 


  1. Bethany Larimer (Texas Women's University); Kristin Edwards (Texas Women's University); Amy Winczura (Texas Women's University) 9.850

  2. Rachel Zabawa (Lindenwood University) 9.7875
  3. Rebecca Brady (Southern Connecticut State University) 9.775
  4. Jessica Wallander (U.S. Air Force Academy); Monica Mesalles Pallares (University of Bridgeport) 9.7625

  5. Sasha Tsikhanovich (University of Bridgeport) 9.750
  6. Sarah Hein (Cornell University) 9.700
  7. Carissa Lim (University of Pennsylvania) 9.625
  8. Dana Bonincontri (University of Pennsylvania) 9.500
  1. Kirsten Strausbaugh (University of Pennsylvania) 9.850
  2. Katie Hawthorne (U.S. Air Force Academy); Melanie Jorgensen (Cornell University); Megan Milavec (University of Pennsylvania) 9.800

  3. Linnaea Hance (U.S. Air Force Academy); Sasha Tsikhanovich (University of Bridgeport); Spencer Jones (Texas Women's University) 9.775

  4. Heather Zaniewski (Temple University); Dana Bonincontri (University of Pennsylvania) 9.750

  5. Jessica Hanner (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.725
  6. Kamri Riles (University of Bridgeport) 9.650
  7. Bryn Larson (Seattle Pacific University) 9.225
  1. Bethany Larimer (Texas Women's University); Rachel Zabawa (Lindenwood University) 9.875

  2. Sasha Tsikhanovich (University of Bridgeport) 9.850
  3. Corrine Wise (Seattle Pacific University) 9.825
  4. Lorraine Galow (University of Bridgeport); Julia Meyer (Brown University) 9.800

  5. McKenna Archer (Cornell University); Alicia Floyd (Lindenwood University) 9.750

  6. Spencer Jones (Texas Women's University) 9.725
  7. Ciara Maradiaga (Texas Women's University); Kirsten Strausbaugh (University of Pennsylvania) 9.700

  1. Sasha Tsikhanovich (University of Bridgeport) 9.925
  2. Kristin Edwards (Texas Women's University) 9.875
  3. Meg Crowley (Centenary College); Stephanie Repp (Texas Women's University) 9.850

  4. Caitlin Perry (University of Bridgeport); Kirsten Strausbaugh (University of Pennsylvania) 9.800

  5. Alexandra Stych (U.S. Air Force Academy); Spencer Jones (Texas Women's University) 9.750

  6. Katie Hawthorne (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.725
  7. McKenna Archer (Cornell University) 9.700
  8. Tara Feld (Yale University) 9.575
  9. Jessica Lieblich (Centenary College) 9.500

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