Day One Event Finals at Pan American Apparatus Championships - Live Results

4:39 PM

There are some lovely leotards which have been worn over the course of the competition at the Pan American Senior Apparatus Championships so far.... A lot of green today! One thing I would have liked to see in the opening package for each apparatus would be images of the Puerto Rican gymnasts competing on the apparatus. Jessica Lopez (VEN) had a solid Beam routine, couple of bobbles and a large hop forward on the dismount. A few bobbles for Dovelis Elena Torres Herrero but she managed to stay on. Gabriella Douglas (CAN) had a fall and a disappointing routine for her, but nice to see her manage a smile. Can I say how great it is to see Diego Hypolito back to competition. Fall for Victoria Moors of Canada but a solid routine otherwise. Few bobbles but a solid set for Karla Yanin Retiz Hernandez of Mexico. On a side note Mauro Martinez of Argentina replaced Dominican Republic's Henrry Campusano Terrero in the Vault final. Solid routine for Valeria Pereyra but quite low on the dismount. Byron Lopez Portalanza crashes his first Vault - not enough power off the table. Better second Vault. Poor Daniele Hypolito - super solid routine until she crashed her dismount - so disappointing. Such power from Jorge Vega (GUA) on his second Vault - off to the side and I thought he was going to take out the Judges. Rock solid routine for Ana Sofia Gomez Porras. Too much power for Puerto Rico's Alexis Torres on his first Vault. Much better second Vault. Larduet Bicet wins Vault over Diego Hypolito and Angel Ramos Rivera. Whilst on Beam Gomez Porras takes the title over Venezuelan Jessica Lopez and Cuba's Dovelis Elena Torres Herrero.

Nicolle Diemel Vazquez-Aviles of Puerto replaces Paula Andrea Mejias-Rodriguez in the Floor Exercise final. Victoria Moors (CAN) out of bounds on first pass (Double double layout), step out on second pass. Sleeveless red leo for Briannah Tsang (CAN). Steps out of bounds and lands on her stomach on the Vault runway. Dovelis Torres (CUB) fall on second last pass, solid routine otherwise. Super Parallel Bars routine from Brazil's Sergio Sasaki Junior. Solid routine for Sandra Collantes on Floor Exercise and Federico Molinari on Parallel Bars. Molinari always seems to be happy and smiling. Solid routine for Daniele Hypolito. Fall on Parallel Bars for Brazil's Francisco Carlos Barretto Junior. Love Makarena Pinto Adasme's Floor Routine. Slight bobble on the landing of her final pass but that was a fantastic routine from Nicolle Vazquez. Huge step forward on one of Leidys Izabela Perdoma's passes. Larduet Bicet pick ups another gold medal -this time on the Parallel Bars - Colombian Jorge Hugo Giraldo Lopez and Brazilian Sergio Sasaki round out the top three. Daniele Hypolito of Brazil wins the Floor Exercise title. Canadian Victoria Moors finishes second with Cuban Leidys Izabela Perdomo Dominguez winning the bronze.

I love watching the high-flying Horizontal Bar. Super routine from Colombian Jossimar Orlando Calvo Moreno! Great routine for Nicolas Cordoba, just low on the dismount. Massive routine for Angel Ramos Rivera who celebrates his 25th Birthday - Feliz Cumpleanos. Just a issue on the landing of Alexis Torres' dismount otherwise a lovely routine. Calvo Moreno takes the title over Nicolas Cordoba (ARG) and Brazilian Francisco Carlos Barretto Junior. 

  1. Ana Sofia Gomez Porras (GUA) 14.350
  2. Jessica Lopez (VEN) 14.075
  3. Dovelis Elena Torres Herrero (CUB) 13.175
  4. Daniele Hypolito (BRA) 13.150
  5. Victoria Moors (CAN) 12.750
  6. Karla Yanin Retiz Hernandez (MEX) 12.725
  7. Valeria Pereyra (ARG) 12.275
  8. Gabriella Douglas (CAN) 11.600
  1. Daniele Hypolito (BRA) 13.625
  2. Victoria Moors (CAN) 13.400
  3. Leidys Izabela Perdomo Dominguez (CUB) 13.250
  4. Makarena Pinto Adasme (CHI) 13.025
  5. Dovelis Elena Torres Herrero (CUB) 12.875
  6. Sandra Collantes De Riglos (PER) 12.650
  7. Nicolle Diemil Vazquez-Aviles (PUR) 12.625
  8. Briannah Tsang (CAN) 12.050
  1. Manrique Larduet Bicet (CUB) 15.362
  2. Diego Hypolito (BRA) (14.900, 15.225) 15.062
  3. Angel Ramos Rivera (PUR) 14.375
  4. Mauro Martinez (ARG) (14.125, 14.150) 14.137
  5. Jorge Alfredo Vega Lopez (GUA) (14.050, 14.000) 14.025
  6. Boris Merchan Quiroz (ECU) 13.837
  7. Alexis Torres (PUR) 13.350
  8. Byron Luis Lopez Portalanza (ECU) 12.312
  1. Manrique Larduet Bicet (CUB) 15.725
  2. Jorge Hugo Giraldo Lopez (COL) 15.425
  3. Sergio Sasaki Junior (BRA) 15.325 
  4. Jose Luis Fuentes Bustamante (VEN) 14.925
  5. Alexis Torres (PUR) 14.600
  6. Federico Molinari (ARG) 14.500
  7. Osvaldo Martinez Erazun (ARG) 14.300
  8. Francisco Carlos Barretto Junior (BRA) 14.200
  1. Jossimar Orlando Calvo Moreno (COL) 15.550
  2. Nicolas Cordoba (ARG) 15.025
  3. Francisco Carlos Barretto Junior (BRA) 14.625
  4. Rodolfo Heron Bonilla Ruiz (MEX) 13.650
  5. Juan Sebastian Melchiori (ARG) 13.600
  6. Alexis Torres (PUR) 13.400
  7. Angel Ramos Rivera (PUR) 12.625
  8. Jose Luis Fuentes Bustamante (VEN) 12.325

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