Senior WAG - Day One - P&G Champs - Live Scores

5:36 PM

Lexie Priessman has withdrawn from the competition at the P&G Championships due to an Achilles Tendon strain. Best wishes for a speedy recovery! Full recap and the results of the Junior competition will be upcoming as I have had to spend most of the day at the hospital with my housemate who chose to fall off a ladder - long story! McKayla Maroney will only be competing Vault and Floor Exercise, whilst Elizabeth Price is only competing Vault and Uneven Bars. I am yet to see a leotard from the Senior Women that I don't like. Was a bit iffy on Kyla Ross' but it has grown on me, McKayla Maroney's leotard still to grow on me. Poor Ebee had a tough day at the office on the Uneven Bars, but lovely to see her compete despite being on the comeback from injury. Fabulous Beam routine from Simone Biles too. Wowsers McKayla Maroney just pulled out one hell of a Floor routine! MyKayla Skinner had a Beam routine she would probably rather forget, counting two falls. Solid Floor routine for Erin Macadaeg. A few balance checks in the routine for Madison Kocian but a nice set. At the halfway mark in the competition, Kocian leads over Biles with Peyton Ernst in third. Upon reflection McKayla's leo has grown on me. 9.500 Execution score for Kyla Ross' vault. Solid floor routine for Brenna Dowell. Ernst falls on her acro series on the Beam. A few problems in Mykyla Skinner's floor routine, but that was a solid effort. Kocian falls on her triple twist, rolls her ankle. No idea how she finished her routine after that. Gutsy. Maroney - massive step on the landing of the Amanar. Another huge step on the landing of the second Vault. With one rotation to go, Biles takes the lead over Ross and Abigail Milliet. Kocian is scratching Vault. Super Cheng from Skinner. Beautiful floor routines from Ernst and Guerra. Massive Amanar for Biles, second Vault is a Yurchenko half on, Layout half off. Rock solid Bars set for Ross. And at the end of the first day of competition for the Senior Women, Simone Biles leads over Kyla Ross and GAGE's Brenna Dowell. Maroney topped the Vault, Ross the Uneven Bars, and Biles on the Balance Beam and Floor Exercise.

  1. Simone Biles (Bannon's Gymnastix Inc.) (15.800, 14.750, 14.900, 15.050) 60.500
  2. Kyla Ross (Gym-Max Gymnastics) (15.300, 15.500, 14.700, 14.250) 59.750
  3. Brenna Dowell (Great American Gymnastics Express) (15.100, 14.500, 13.750, 14.600) 57.950
  4. Peyton Ernst (Texas Dreams Gymnastics) (14.950, 14.600, 13.700, 14.200) 57.450
  5. Maggie Nichols (Twin City Twisters) (14.750, 14.100, 14.000, 14.100) 56.950
  6. Abigail Milliet (Denton Gymnastics Academy) (14.600, 13.250, 14.600, 14.400) 56.850
  7. Ariana Guerra (Texas Dreams Gymnastics) (14.100, 14.250, 14.050, 14.150) 56.550
  8. Madison Desch (Great American Gymnastics Express) (14,850, 12.800, 14.150, 14.600) 56.400
  9. Kennedy Baker (Texas Dreams Gymnastics) (13.850, 13.650, 14.300, 14.050) 55.850
  10. Mykayla Skinner (Desert Lights Gymnastics) (15.100, 13.450, 12.150, 14.750) 55.450
  11. Erin Macadaeg (San Mateo Gymnastics) (14.100, 13.100, 13.450, 13.500) 54.150
  12. Madison Kocian (WOGA Gymnastics) (0.000, 15.000, 14.800, 13.700) 43.500
  13. McKayla Maroney (All Olympia AOGC) (15.700, 0.000, 0.000, 14.850) 30.550
  14. Elizabeth Price (Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center) (14.950, 12.250, 0.000, 0.000) 27.200
  15. Lexie Priessman (Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy) (0.000, 0.000, 0.000, 0.000) 0.000
  1. McKayla Maroney (All Olympia AOGC) (15.700, 15.300) 15.500
  2. Simone Biles (Bannon's Gymnastix Inc.) (15.800, 15.000) 15.400
  3. Mykayla Skinner (Desert Lights Gymnastics) (15.100, 14.600) 14.850

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