2013 Sokol Grand Prix de Gymnastique

11:14 PM

The Sokol Grand Prix de Gymnastique takes place on the 23rd of November with competition getting underway at the Sportovni Hall at 4.30pm (Brno local time). Competing as "couples" the competition is divided into three rounds. All couples compete in the first round with the gymnasts each competing on two apparatuses each. After the conclusion of the round, the eight teams with the highest combined scores move on to the next round, where each gymnast will compete on a third apparatus. The results from the first round do not carry forward. At the end of this second round, the top four ranked teams move onto the Final. In this Final, each gymnast of the pairing competes on one event - the Women are allowed to pick which of the four apparatuses they will compete on, whilst the fourth apparatus for the Men is to be one they have yet to compete on during the day. Six gymnasts in the field for this year competed last year - a competition that was won by Ukrainians Maksym Semiankiv and Mariya Livchikova. 

  • Alice Janova (CZE)/Jiri Vesely (COS)
  • Kristyna Palesova (CZE)/Fabian Leimlehner (AUT)
  • Olena Vasylieva (UKR)/Maksym Semiankiv (UKR)
  • Jasmin Mader (AUT)/Matthias Schwab (AUT)
  • Elisa Haemmerle (AUT)/Michael Fussenegger (AUT)
  • Dorina Boczogo (HUN)/Filip Ude (CRO)
  • Jana Sikulova (CZE)/Martin Konecny (CZE)
  • Tunde Csillag (HUN)/David Jessen (USA)
  • Nika Janova (CZE)/Radek Smekal (CZE)
  • Veronika Drapalova (CZE)/David Kratochvil (CZE)

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