Looking Ahead to the Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition at Juegos Bolivarianos

2:58 AM

Individuals and Groups are set to participate in the Rhythmic Gymnastics competition at the 2013 Juegos Bolivarianos in Peru. Rhythmic Gymnastics will be contested from the 27th to the 29th of November, with the Individual Competition seeing gymnasts from Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala and Venezuela fight for the honors. 

Bolivia's Marlen Augusta Lorberg Lijeron will be one to watch, She finished 13th in the All Around at the 2012 South American Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, whilst not a favorite for a gold medal she definitely has the potential to reach the Finals. Two genuine medal contenders will be Chile's Valentina Andrea Castro Zumaran and Valeska Lissette Gonzalez Olivares. They finished 91st and 90th respectively in the All Around at the 2013 World Championships, with Valeska finishing 7th in the All Around at the South American Rhythmic Championships last year. Ecuador's Geraldine Melissa Perez Quito is one of the country's rising stars and should challenge the more experienced gymnasts for a medal. Guatemala's Linda Esperanza Sandoval Maldonado finished 87th at the recent World Championships and should be aiming for a medal in Peru. Venezuela is sending the four gymnasts who triumphed at the 2012 South American Championships. Grisbel Lopez Ortega finished 5th in the All Around at that competition and also finished fourth with the Ball and fifth with both the Clubs and Hoop. Maria Del Pilar Martinez Andrade only competed with Clubs and Ribbon at the South American Championships last year, qualifying and finishing sixth with the Ribbon. Michelle Steffanie Sanchez Salazar finished a formidable 67th All Around at this year's World Championships and was fourth All Around as well as with the Hoop and Ribbon and sixth with the Ball and Clubs at the 2012 South American Champs. Finally, Damelis Melissa Valero Flores only competed with the Ball and Hoop at the South American Champs and is coming off a solid showing at the 2013 Juegos Nacionales Juveniles in Venezuela. 

  • Ana Raquel Lister Sanchez (BOL)
  • Marlen Augusta Lorberg Lijeron (BOL)
  • Ignacia Baeza Icaza (CHI)
  • Valentina Andrea Castro Zumaran (CHI)
  • Valeska Lissette Gonzalez Olivares (CHI)
  • Geraldine Melissa Perez Quito (ECU)
  • Mishell Alejandra Sampedro Guerrero (ECU)
  • Sofia Sarmiento Peralta (ECU)
  • Beatriz Alejandra Acosta Hernandez (ESA)
  • Ximena Maria Flamenco Frances (ESA)
  • Linda Esperanza Sandoval Maldonado (GUA)
  • Grisbel Andreina Lopez Ortega (VEN)
  • Maria Del Pilar Martinez Andrade (VEN)
  • Michelle Steffanie Sanchez Salazar (VEN)
  • Damelis Melissa Valero Flores (VEN)

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