5 Nations Triumphant on 1st Day EF's in Veracruz

12:51 AM

The first day of Event Finals were decided yesterday in Veracruz, Mexico at the 2014 Deportivos Juegos Centroamericans y del Caribe. Guatemalan stalwart Jorge Alfredo Vega Lopez won the Floor Exercise title by 0.1 points over Cuban Manrique Larduet Bicet with Puerto Rico's Luis Ramon Rivera earning the bronze. Henrry Antonio Campusano Terrero of the Dominican Republic came into the final to replace Costa Rica's Tarik Soto Byfield who injured his knee on the landing of one of his first Vault in Qualification. He continued on with the second Vault and has qualified to tomorrow's final on the Event (it's unclear as to whether he will participate as his name is still on the start list). Jhonny Alexander Munoz Perez of Colombia won the title on the Pommel Horse over Venezuela's Jose Luis Fuentes Bustamante and Puerto Rico's Rafael Morales Casado. The leader on the event from qualification - Mexico's own Daniel Corral Barron finished in sixth place. The leader from qualifications on the Still Rings - Tommy Ramos Nin of Puerto Rico improved his score by 0.050 to take the title over Larduet Bicet. The bronze medal went to Daniel Corral Barron. 

In the Women's competition Cuba's Yesenia Saskia Ferrera Nunez took out the Vault title over compatriot Dovelis Elena Torres Herrero. Puerto Rico's Nicolle Diemil Vazquez Aviles earned the bronze medal. Dominican Republic's Yamilet Pena Abreu who finished seventh in the Final come into the event to replace Mexico's Alexa Citlali Moreno Medina who injured her foot in the Vault Qualification on the first day of competition. Venezuela's Jessica Brizeida Lopez Arocha dominated on the Uneven Bars, earning the title over Guatemala's Ana Sofia Gomez Porras and Colombia's Bibiana Maria Velez Alzate. Mexico's Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas who qualified to the final in top spot tied for fourth with Venezuela's Ivet Rojas Galean. 

  1. Yesenia Saskia Ferrera Nunez (CUB) (14.950, 14.825) 14.887
  2. Dovelis Elena Torres Herrero (CUB) (14.575, 14.275) 14.425
  3. Nicolle Diemil Vazquez Aviles (PUR) (14.725, 13.875) 14.300
  4. Paula Andrea Mejias Rodriguez (PUR) (14.625, 13.950) 14.287
  5. Catalina Elena Escobar Gomez (COL) (14.725, 13.750) 14.237
  6. Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas (MEX) (14.400, 13.725) 14.062
  7. Yamilet Pena Abreu (DOM) (14.150, 13.750) 13.950
  8. Dayana Stefanny Ardila Garcia (COL) (13.725, 13.925) 13.825
  1. Jessica Brizeida Lopez Arocha (VEN) 14.100
  2. Ana Sofia Gomez Porras (GUA) 13.500
  3. Bibiana Maria Velez Alzate (COL) 13.350
  4. Elsa Garcia Rodriguez Blancas (MEX); Ivet Rojas Galean (VEN) 13.200

  5. Melba Yurany Avendano Romero (COL) 12.775
  6. Dovelis Elena Torres Herrero (CUB) 11.475
  7. Alexa Citlali Moreno Medina (MEX) 11.025
  1. Jorge Alfredo Vega Lopez (GUA) 15.450
  2. Manrique Larduet Bicet (CUB) 15.350
  3. Luis Ramon Rivera (PUR) 14.925
  4. Audrys Nin Reyes (DOM) 14.850
  5. Jossimar Orlando Calvo Moreno (COL) 14.825
  6. Alexander Rodriguez (PUR) 14.125
  7. Rodolfo Heron Bonilla Ruiz (MEX) 13.650
  8. Henrry Antonio Campusano Terrero (DOM) 13.625
  1. Jhonny Alexander Munoz Perez (COL) 14.950
  2. Jose Luis Fuentes Bustamante (VEN) 14.900
  3. Rafael Morales Casado (PUR) 14.700
  4. Alexander Rodriguez (PUR) 14.625
  5. Jorge Hugo Giraldo Lopez (COL) 14.500
  6. Daniel Corral Barron (MEX) 14.100
  7. Jostyn Jose Fuenmayor Berroeta (VEN) 14.000
  8. Manrique Larduet Bicet (CUB) 13.850
  1. Tommy Ramos Nin (PUR) 15.350
  2. Manrique Larduet Bicet (CUB) 15.325
  3. Daniel Corral Barron (MEX) 14.800
  4. Jossimar Orlando Calvo Moreno (COL) 14.725
  5. Alexis Torres Serrano (PUR) 14.100
  6. Carlos Alberto Calvo Agudelo (COL) 14.050
  7. Jostyn Jose Fuenmayor Berroeta (VEN) 14.000
  8. Randy Jose Leru Bell (CUB) 12.600

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