Pan Am Games RG Group All Around and Quals

5:59 PM

The Rhythmic Gymnastics Group competition also got underway today at the Toronto Coliseum. Groups from five countries are contesting the Pan American Games Groups All Around and Event Finals Qualification today and tomorrow, with the Apparatus Finals taking place on the 19th and 20th. After the 5 Ribbons routines, Brazil leads over the United States of America with Cuba in third. The Brazilian Group dominated with the 6 Clubs, 2 Hoops to take the All Around title. The United States Group finished in silver medal position with Cuba taking the bronze.  

  • BRAZIL: Dayane Amaral, Morgana Regina Gmach, Emanuelle Lima, Jessica Sayonara Maier, Ana Paula Norbim Padua Ribeiro, Beatriz Pomini Francisco
  • CANADA: Katrina Cameron, Maya Kojnevikov, Lucinda Nowell, Vanessa Panov, Anjelika Reznik, Victoria Reznik
  • CUBA: Claudia Arjona Torres, Zenia Rosa Fernandez Cutino, Melissa Kindelan Casanas, Martha Perez Rodriguez, Adriana Ramirez Blanco, Legna de la Caridad Savon Diaz 
  • MEXICO: Erandeni Nava Galindo, Diana Casillas Rodriguez, Pamela Reynolds Vera, Luz Fernanda Morales Barraza, Maria Eugenia Nava del Rio, Marialicia Ortega Elizondo
  • UNITED STATES: Kiana Eide, Alisa Kano, Natalie McGiffert, Monica Rokhman, Jennifer Rokhman, Kristen Shaldybin
  1. Brazil (14.800, 15.433) 30.233
  2. United States of America (14.600, 14.675) 29.275
  3. Cuba (13.492, 12.200) 25.692
  4. Mexico (12.067, 12.242) 24.309
  5. Canada (10.117, 13.333) 23.450

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