2016 USAG Women's Collegiate Nationals Event Finals

5:17 AM

The 2016 USA Gymnastics Women's Collegiate National Championships concluded on Sunday at the Hyland Arena on the Lindenwood University campus. Seattle Pacific University Senior Maria Hundley added the Vault National title and shared in second place on both the Uneven Bars and Balance Beam and was named the Outstanding Senior of the Year. She becomes the only the third NCAA Division II gymnast to achieve seven National titles joining the company of the University of Bridgeport's Maureen LaGrua and Monica Mesalles and Texas Woman's University's Kim Koenig. Bridgeport Junior Kimberly Stewart finished second on the Vault with Brown University Junior Caroline Morant and Cornell University Freshman Malia Mackey tying for third. University of Bridgeport Junior Christine Liautaud won the Uneven Bars honors over Hundley and Morant, whilst on the Balance Beam Yale University Freshman Jessica Wang earned a career-high to take the title. Wang's mark was the highest score on the event by a Yale gymnast since 2003. Hundley and her Junior team mate Kristi Hayashida tied for the silver medal on the Balance Beam. University of Bridgeport Junior Randi Cutolo tied for the top mark on the Floor Exercise with Seattle Pacific University Sophomore Ariana Harger. The bronze was shared by Lindenwood Sophomore Kayla McMullen and Senior Rachel Zabawa, Seattle Pacific Junior Lauren Glover and Bridgeport Junior Brianna Comport. Brown University's Jim Hayes was named the Assistant Coach of the Year whilst Lindenwood University's own Jen Kesler was named the Head Coach of the Year.

  1. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific University) 9.8500
  2. Kimberly Stewart (University of Bridgeport) 9.8375
  3. Caroline Morant (Brown University); Malia Mackey (Cornell University) 9.8250

  4. Corey Holman (Brown University); Rachel Zabawa (Lindenwood University) 9.8000

  5. Ashley White (Centenary College) 9.7875
  6. Jamie Lewis (U.S. Air Force Academy); Megan Gentry (Texas Woman's University) 9.7750

  7. Valeri Ingui (Lindenwood University) 9.7375
  8. Majesta Valentine (West Chester University) 9.7125
  9. Aubree Horn (Lindenwood University) 9.1250

  1. Christine Liautaud (University of Bridgeport) 9.8500
  2. Caroline Morant (Brown University); Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific University) 9.8250
  3. Maritza Futch (University of Bridgeport); Jenna Cashmore (Texas Woman's University); Jessica Wang (Yale University) 9.8000

  4. Meghan Brannon (West Chester University) 9.7750
  5. Breanna Beltran (Seattle Pacific University) 9.7000
  6. Alexandra Chretien (Brown University) 9.6000
  7. Mariana Murphy (U.S. Air Force Academy) 9.2000
  1. Jessica Wang (Yale University) 9.8750
  2. Maria Hundley (Seattle Pacific University); Kristi Hayashida (Seattle Pacific University) 9.8500

  3. Brianna Comport (University of Bridgeport); Brittney Sooksengdao (Yale University) 9.8250

  4. Schyler Jones (Texas Woman's University); Megan Gentry (Texas Woman's University); Regan Butchness (Brown University); Majesta Valentine (West Chester University) 9.8000

  5. Ashley White (Centenary College); Lauren Cartmell (Lindenwood University) 9.7750

  6. Rachel Zabawa (Lindenwood University) 9.7250
  7. Joy Gage (Cornell University) 9.6750
  8. Malia Mackey (Cornell University) 9.2500
  1. Randi Cutolo (University of Bridgeport); Ariana Harger (Seattle Pacific University) 9.9000

  2. Kayla McMullan (Lindenwood University); Rachel Zabawa (Lindenwood University); Brianna Comport (University of Bridgeport); Lauren Glover (Seattle Pacific University) 9.8750

  3. Navia Jordan (Centenary College) 9.8500
  4. Ajiea Hargrave (University of Bridgeport); Erin Alderman (Texas Woman's University); Nicole Pruchnik (Southern Connecticut State University) 9.8250

  5. Rachel Graham (University of Pennsylvania) 9.8000
  6. Jorden Mitchell (Brown University) 9.7250
  7. Andavea Alexander (Lindenwood University) 9.2500

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