2016 Women's National Collegiate Gymnastics Championships - Semis and Individual Champs

11:04 PM

The 2016 Women's National Collegiate Gymnastics Championships are being hosted by Texas Woman's University and Knight Eady Sports Group at the Fort Worth Convention Center Arena in Fort Worth, Texas on the 15th and 16th of April. The first day of competition sees two Semi Finals contested (Semifinal I at 2pm ET and Semifinal II at 8pm ET) with the top three teams from each Semifinal advance to the Super Six Team Final. Day One also sees the Individual All Around Champion and the Individual Apparatus Champions crowned. The second day of competition on the 16th sees the Super Six Team Final contested with the competition getting underway at 9pm ET.

The University of Florida topped Semifinal by 0.1375 points over Louisiana State University. Both teams advance to tomorrow's Super Six Final along with the University of Georgia. University of Georgia's Brandie Jay currently leads on the Vault, whilst her team mate Brittany Rogers is tied for first place on the Uneven Bars with Florida's Bridget Sloan. Sloan leads on the Balance Beam whilst on the Floor Exercise Louisiana State University's Myia Hambrick is on top of the standings. 

After the first rotation of Semifinal II, UCLA leads Utah with California in third. Event standings remain unchanged. I love the leotard choices from all teams today. At the halfway mark, Oklahoma leads over Alabama and UCLA. UCLA's Danusia Francis now shares the top Balance Beam score with Sloan. The University of Oklahoma advances as the top scorer from Semifinal II as well as the University of Alabama and the University of California-Los Angeles. A disappointing Balance Beam rotation saw the University of Utah finish the Semifinal in sixth place. The University of Florida Senior Bridget Sloan wins the 2016 NCAA National All Around title and shares in the Uneven Bars title (with University of Georgia Senior Brittany Rogers) and the Balance Beam title (with UCLA Senior Danusia Francis). University of Georgia Senior Brandie Jay tied for the National title on the Vault with University of Alabama Junior Katie Bailey. Denver University's Redshirted Senior Nina McGee - a definite favorite won the Floor Exercise honors. 

Wishing a speedy recovery to Nebraska's Jennie Laeng who was taken to hospital as a precaution after falling awkwardly on head from the Uneven Bars. 

  1. University of Florida (49.3500, 49.4750, 49.3500, 49.3000) 197.4500
  2. Louisiana State University (49.3375, 49.3250, 49.3000, 49.3750) 197.3375
  3. University of Georgia (49.2750, 49.3750, 49.1125, 48.9625) 196.7250
  4. Stanford University (49.1500, 49.0250, 48.4750, 48.9250) 195.5750
  5. Auburn University (48.9625, 49.0875, 48.1500, 48.9000) 195.1000
  6. University of Minnesota (49.0375, 47.6625, 49.2500, 49.0375) 194.9875
  1. University of Oklahoma (49.4000, 49.4625, 49.4750, 49.4500) 197.7875
  2. University of Alabama (49.4875, 49.3125, 49.3000, 49.2875) 197.3875
  3. University of California-Los Angeles (48.9875, 49.2375, 49.3625, 49.1125) 196.7000
  4. University of California-Berkeley (49.0000, 49.0000, 49.0750, 48.875) 195.8500
  5. University of Nebraska (49.0500, 48.7875, 48.9750, 48.9625) 195.7750
  6. University of Utah (49.1000, 49.2875, 48.1375, 49.2375) 195.7625
  1. Bridget Sloan (University of Florida) 39.7000
  2. Chayse Capps (University of Oklahoma) 39.6125
  3. Myia Hambrick (Louisiana State University) 39.5625
  4. Elizabeth Price (Stanford University) 39.5500
  5. Lindsay Mable (University of Minnesota) 39.5375
  6. Alex McMurtry (University of Florida) 39.5250
  7. Ashleigh Gnat (Louisiana State University); Mackenzie Brannan (University of Alabama); Keeley Kmieciak (University of Oklahoma) 39.5000

  8. Kennedy Baker (University of Florida); Nina McGee (Denver University) 39.4875

  9. Hollie Blanske (University of Nebraska) 39.4375
  10. Brittany Rogers (University of Georgia) 39.4125
  11. Baely Rowe (University of Utah) 39.3875
  12. Nicole Artz (University of Michigan) 39.3250
  13. Amanda Wellick (University of Arkansas); Brandie Jay (University of Georgia); Ivana Hong (Stanford University) 39.3000

  14. Alicia Boren (University of Florida) 39.2875
  15. Brianna Brown (University of Michigan) 39.2500
  16. Caitlin Atkinson (Auburn University) 39.2125
  17. Madeline Gardiner (Oregon State University) 39.2000
  18. Morgan Porter (University of Missouri) 39.1125
  19. Danielle Breen (University of Nebraska) 39.0875
  20. Alex Hyland (University of Kentucky) 39.0375
  21. Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah University) 39.0250
  22. Ciara Gardner (University of Minnesota) 39.0000
  23. Breanna Hughes (University of Utah) 38.9375
  24. Samantha Partyka (University of Utah) 38.5750
  25. Mollie Drenth (University of Iowa) 38.4750
  26. Sidney Dukes (University of Kentucky) 38.4250
  27. Allison Northey (University of Washington) 38.3250
  28. Grace Williams (University of Nebraska) 38.2875
  29. Lisa Burt (Michigan State University) 37.700
  1. Brandie Jay (Georgia); Katie Bailey (Alabama) 9.9500

  2. Ashleigh Gnat (Louisiana State); Hollie Blanske (Nebraska) 9.9250

  3. Hunter Price (Oklahoma); Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma); Haley Scaman (Oklahoma); Mackenzie Brannan (Alabama) 9.9125

  4. Kennedy Baker (Florida); Alex McMurtry (Florida); Bridget Sloan (Florida); Brittany Rogers (Georgia); Elizabeth Price (Stanford); Chayse Capps (Oklahoma); Lauren Beers (Alabama) 9.9000

  5. Breanna Hughes (Utah) 9.8875
  6. Myia Hambrick (Louisiana State); Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Nickie Guerrero (Alabama) 9.8750

  7. Caitlin Atkinson (Auburn); Napualani Hall (UCLA) 9.8625

  8. Ericha Fassbender (Florida); Sarah Finnegan (Louisiana State); Sydney Ewing (Louisiana State); Nicolette McNair (Stanford); Nina McGee (Denver); Keely McNair (Alabama) 9.8500

  9. Jessica Savona (Louisiana State); Abby DeMuse (Minnesota); Kailah Delaney (Utah); JaNay Honest (UCLA); Sylvie Seilnacht (California) 9.8375

  10. Allison Northey (Washington); Lexus Demers (Auburn); Rachel Haines (Minnesota); Desiree Palomares (California) 9.8250

  11. Sidney Dukes (Kentucky); Morgan Porter (Missouri); Ashlyn Broussard (Georgia); Lauren Johnson (Georgia); Ivana Hong (Stanford); Danielle Breen (Nebraska); Jennie Laeng (Nebraska); Alicia Gallarzo (California); Arianna Robinson (California); Emily Richardson (California) 9.8125

  12. MJ Rott (Auburn); Bridgette Caquatto (Florida); Sydney Snead (Georgia); Julianna Cannamela (Louisiana State); Danielle McNair (Stanford); Tiffani Lewis (Utah); Sadiqua Bynum (UCLA); Carly Sims (Alabama) 9.8000

  13. Nicole Artz (Michigan); Rachel Daum (Stanford); Samantha Partyka (Utah); Baely Rowe (Utah); Madeline Gardiner (Oregon State); Brianna Brown (Michigan) 9.7875

  14. Meaghan Sievers (Iowa State University); Kelsey Kopec (Auburn); Bailie Holst (Minnesota); Amanda Wellick (Arkansas); Mollie Drenth (Iowa) 9.7750

  15. Alex Hyland (Kentucky); Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah); Megan Schweihofer (Nebraska); Charity Jones (Oklahoma) 9.7625

  16. Madison Preston (UCLA) 9.7500
  17. Gigi Marino (Georgia); Sienna Crouse (Nebraska); Sonya Meraz (UCLA) 9.7375

  18. Ciara Gardner (Minnesota); Grace Williams (Nebraska); Charlie Owens (California) 9.7250

  19. Bailey Abernathy (Minnesota); Kassandra Lopez (Utah) 9.7125

  20. Sarah Garcia (Auburn); Angi Cipra (UCLA) 9.7000

  21. Alicia Boren (Florida); Lisa Burt (Michigan State) 9.6875

  22. Melissa Chuang (Stanford) 9.6250
  23. Taylor Allex (Arizona State) 9.5625
  24. Taylor Krippner (Auburn) 9.5375
  25. AJ Jackson (Oklahoma) 9.3375
  1. Bridget Sloan (Florida); Brittany Rogers (Georgia) 9.9500

  2. McKenzie Wofford (Oklahoma) 9.9375
  3. Bridgette Caquatto (Florida); Sarah Finnegan (Louisiana State); Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Elizabeth Price (Stanford); Katie Bailey (Alabama); Kassandra Lopez (Utah); Nicole Lehrmann (Oklahoma); Chayse Capps (Oklahoma) 9.9000

  4. Kennedy Baker (Florida); Myia Hambrick (Louisiana State); Lexie Priessman (Louisiana State); Mackenzie Brannan (Alabama); Nina McGee (Denver) 9.8875

  5. Alex McMurtry (Florida); Brandie Jay (Georgia); Rachel Schick (Georgia); AJ Jackson (Oklahoma); Sophina DeJesus (UCLA); Sabrina Schwab (Utah) 9.8750

  6. Alicia Boren (Florida); Bianca Dancose-Giambattisto (Florida); JaNay Honest (UCLA); Lauren Beers (Alabama); Baely Rowe (Utah) 9.8625

  7. Caitlin Atkinson (Auburn); Shae Zamardi (Louisiana State); Danusia Francis (UCLA); Amanda Jetter (Alabama); Samantha Partyka (Utah); Emily Richardson (California); Haley Scaman (Oklahoma); Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma) 9.8500

  8. Kait Kluz (Auburn); Gracie Cherrey (Georgia); Natalie Vaculik (Georgia); Amanda Wellick (Arkansas); Catelyn Orel (Nebraska) 9.8375

  9. Christine Lee (UCLA); Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) 9.8250

  10. Nicole Artz (Michigan); Abby Milliet (Auburn); Ivana Hong (Stanford); Nicolette McNair (Stanford); Keely McNeer (Alabama); Kiana Winston (Alabama); Alicia Gallarzo (California); Danielle Breen (Nebraska) 9.8125

  11. Morgan Porter (Missouri); Taylor Krippner (Auburn); Sydney Snead (Georgia); Ashleigh Gnat (Louisiana State); Brianna Brown (Michigan); Tiffani Lewis (Utah); Sofie Seilnacht (California) 9.8000

  12. Samantha Cerio (Auburn); Kelsey Kopec (Auburn); Lisa Burt (Michigan State); Madeline Gardiner (Oregon State); Hollie Blanske (Nebraska); Grace Williams (Nebraska) 9.7875

  13. Amber Takara (California) 9.7750
  14. Madeline Hanley (Minnesota); Sonya Meraz (UCLA); Yuleen Sternberg (California) 9.7625

  15. Dare Maxwell (Stanford); Danielle McNair (Stanford) 9.7500

  16. Jessica Savona (Louisiana State) 9.7250
  17. Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah); Breanna Hughes (Utah) 9.7125

  18. Alex Hyland (Kentucky); Ciara Gardner (Minnesota) 9.6500

  19. Sienna Crouse (Nebraska) 9.5625
  20. Bailie Holst (Minnesota) 9.2250
  21. Allison Northey (Washington) 9.1375
  22. Rachel Cutler (Minnesota) 9.1250
  23. Jessica Howe (California) 9.0625
  24. Taylor Rice (Stanford) 9.0500
  25. Mollie Drenth (Iowa) 8.9625
  26. Sidney Dukes (Kentucky) 8.9375
  27. Abby DeMuse (Minnesota) 8.8875
  28. Jennie Laeng (Nebraska) 1.0000
  1. Bridget Sloan (Florida); Danusia Francis (UCLA) 9.9500

  2. Natalie Brown (Oklahoma) 9.2500
  3. Hanna Nordquist (Minnesota); Mollie Drenth (Iowa); Chayse Capps (Oklahoma) 9.9125

  4. Ashleigh Gnat (Louisiana State); Kiana Winston (Alabama); Nicole Lehrmann (Oklahoma); Baely Rowe (Utah); Charity Jones (Oklahoma) 9.9000

  5. Sidney Dukes (Kentucky); Alicia Boren (Florida); Alex McMurtry (Florida); Ivana Hong (Stanford); Elizabeth Price (Stanford); Sofie Seilnacht (California); Aja Sims (Alabama) 9.8875

  6. Myia Hambrick (Louisiana State); Erin Macadaeg (Louisiana State); Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Nickie Guerrero (Alabama); Amanda Wellick (Arkansas) 9.8750

  7. Mary Beth Box (Georgia); Sonya Meraz (UCLA); Sophina DeJesus (UCLA); Risa Perez (Oregon State) 9.8625

  8. Nicole Artz (Michigan); Ashlyn Broussard (Georgia); Sarah Finnegan (Louisiana State); Rachel Haines (Minnesota); Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA); Brianna Brown (Michigan); Mackenzie Brannan (Alabama); Hollie Blanske (Nebraska) 9.8500

  9. Caitlin Atkinson (Auburn); Rachel Schick (Georgia); Charlie Owens (California); Desiree Palomares (California); Mikaela Gerber (UCLA); Nicki Shapiro (UCLA); Danielle Breen (Nebraska); Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma); Stefani Catour (Oklahoma) 9.8375

  10. Alex Hyland (Kentucky); Peyton Ernst (Florida). Madeline Gardiner (Oregon State) 9.8250

  11. Ciara Gardner (Minnesota); Maddy Stover (Utah) 9.8125

  12. Kennedy Baker (Florida); Brittany Rogers (Georgia); Sydney Ewing (Louisiana State); Madeline Hanley (Minnesota); Nicolette McNair (Stanford); Shani Remme (Boise State); Nina McGee (Denver); Grace Williams (Nebraska); Kassandra Lopez (Utah) 9.8000

  13. Lexi Mills (University of Arizona); Samantha Cerio (Auburn); Keely McNeer (Alabama) 9.7875

  14. Lexus Demers (Auburn); Ericha Fassbender (Florida); Mary Lillian Sanders (Alabama); Megan Schweihofer (Nebraska) 9.7750

  15. Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah); Abby Milliet (Auburn); Vivi Babalis (Georgia); Brandie Jay (Georgia); Kaitlin Rahon (Minnesota); Rachel Daum (Stanford); Jessica Howe (California) 9.7625

  16. Zoe Draghi (California); Emily Richardson (California) 9.7500

  17. Morgan Porter (Missouri); Madison McConkey (Nebraska) 9.7125

  18. Allison Northey (Washington) 9.6375
  19. Breanna Hughes (Utah) 9.4875
  20. Catelyn Orel (Nebraska) 9.1625
  21. Melissa Chuang (Stanford); Taylor Rice (Stanford); Kailah Delaney (Utah) 9.1375

  22. Samantha Partyka (Utah) 9.1250
  23. Julianna Cannamela (Louisiana State) 9.0500
  24. Kullen Hlawek (Auburn) 8.9875
  25. Taylor Krippner (Auburn) 8.8750
  26. Lisa Burt (Michigan State) 8.3750
  1. Nina McGee (Denver) 9.9500
  2. Myia Hambrick (Louisiana State) 9.9250
  3. AJ Jackson (Oklahoma) 9.9125
  4. Kennedy Baker (Florida); Bridget Sloan (Florida); Chayse Capps (Oklahoma); Keeley Kmieciak (Oklahoma); Kiana Winston (Alabama) 9.9000

  5. Jessica Savona (Louisiana State); Lindsay Mable (Minnesota); Haley Scaman (Oklahoma) 9.8875

  6. Nicole Artz (Michigan); Mary Beth Box (Georgia); Ashleigh Gnat (Louisiana State); Hollie Blanske (Nebraska); Sadiqua Bynum (UCLA) 9.8750

  7. Lexus Demers (Auburn); Alex McMurtry (Florida); McKenna Kelley (Louisiana State); Elizabeth Price (Stanford); Sienna Crouse (Nebraska); Katie Bailey (Alabama); Carley Sims (Alabama); Tiffani Lewis (Utah) 9.8625

  8. Lindsay Offutt (University of Pittsburgh); Alicia Boren (Florida); Lisa Burt (Michigan State); Charity Jones (Oklahoma); Mackenzie Brannan (Alabama); Charity Jones (Oklahoma); Sabrina Schwab (Utah); Breanna Hughes (Utah); MaKenna Merrell (Utah) 9.8500

  9. Randii Wyrick (Louisiana State); Mollie Drenth (Iowa); Angi Cipra (UCLA); Danusia Francis (UCLA) 9.8250

  10. Briannah Tsang (Pennsylvania State University); Kait Kluz (Auburn); Vivi Babalis (Georgia); Sydney Ewing (Louisiana State); Ciara Gardner (Minnesota); Brianna Brown (Michigan); Amanda Wellick (Arkansas); Amanda  Jetter (Alabama); Samantha Partyka (Utah) 9.8125

  11. Alex Hyland (Kentucky); Abby Milliet (Auburn); Bailey Abernathy (Minnesota); Kaitlin Rahon (Minnesota); Jennie Laeng (Nebraska); Catelyn Orel (Nebraska); Madeline Gardiner (Oregon State); Jessica Howe (California); Zoe Draghi (California); JaNay Honest (UCLA); Rachel Slocum (Eastern Michigan) 9.8000

  12. Sidney Dukes (Kentucky); Morgan Porter (Missouri); Danielle Ramirez (Southern Utah); Grace McLaughlin (Florida); Morgan Reynolds (Georgia); Ivana Hong (Stanford); Hallie Mossett (UCLA) 9.7875

  13. Bridgette Caquatto (Florida); Haley Spector (Stanford); Melissa Chuang (Stanford); Charlie Owens (California); Desiree Palomares (California) 9.7750

  14. Kullen Hlawek (Auburn); Brittany Rogers (Georgia) 9.7625

  15. Lauren Beers (Alabama) 9.7500
  16. Abby DeMuse (Minnesota); Bailie Holst (Minnesota); Natalie Brown (Oklahoma) 9.7375

  17. Allison Northey (Washington); Gigi Marino (Georgia); Rachel Daum (Stanford); Arianna Robinson (California) 9.7250

  18. Talia Chiarelli (University of Michigan); Brandie Jay (Georgia); Katelyn Ohashi (UCLA) 9.7125

  19. Caitlin Atkinson (Auburn) 9.6625
  20. Jenna Frowein (Stanford) 9.6500
  21. Lizzy LeDuc (Illinois) 9.6375
  22. Danielle Breen (Nebraska); Sylvie Seilnacht (California) 9.6250

  23. MJ Rott (Auburn) 9.6125
  24. Grace Williams (Nebraska) 8.9750

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