Aus Delegation for 2013 AYOF Announced

4:10 PM

The Australian Youth Olympic Festival is being held from the 16th to the 20th of January, 2013 in Sydney. A total of seventeen sports will be contested with 30 nations expected to compete. Gymnastics disciplines to be contested are Men's Artistic Gymnastics, Women's Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Trampoline. 

According to the information on the official AYOF website, the following nations have been invited:
  • MAG: Australia, China, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand, Chinese Taipei
  • WAG: Australia, Canada, China, Great Britain, Japan, New Zealand
  • RG: Australia, Canada, China, Great Britain, Malaysia, New Zealand
Australia has announced their Gymnastics participants and congratulations must go to those selected:

  • Alexandra Eade
  • Eliza Freeman
  • Rhianna Mizzen
  • Eden Tarvit
  • Paige James
  • Darcy Norman
  • Brooke Callcott 
  • Gillian Chan
  • RESERVES: Franceska Fusha, Shannon Neate 
  • COACHES: Misha Barabach, Vladimir Joura, John Hart, Nikolai Lapchine, Martine George
  • James Bacueti
  • Scott Brooks
  • Corey Morton
  • Zachary Perillo
  • Christopher Remkes
  • Clay Stephens
  • Robert Thornton
  • Trenten Wan
  • COACHES: Anthony Weston, Sean Wilson, Li Min Zou, Chen Wei Wan
  • Anastasia Katharios
  • Michaela Whitehouse
  • Tara Wilkie
  • Marlee-Shae Holden
  • Rhiannon Choe
  • Rachel Raskopoulos
  • Maya Bennett
  • Tala Vuong
  • RESERVES: Emma Chan, Zoe Bartholomeusz
  • COACHES: Danielle LeRay, Edith Peluso, Emma Tankovich, Jessica Veal, Anzelika Filipovic
  • Kira Ward
  • Jayden Cooney
  • Abbie Watts
  • Taylor Ellison
  • Claire Arthur
  • Joshua Ibrahim
  • Hugh McConnell
  • Dominic Clarke
  • Aidan Collins
  • Lachlan Banham 
  • Blake Rutherford
  • COACHES: Belinda Cox, Jarrod Heriot, Ben Kelly 

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