Senior Women's P&G Champs - Day Two - Live Scores

5:11 PM

Simone Biles of Bannon's Gymnastix Inc. dominated on day one - earning the top marks in the All Around, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise in the Senior competition at the XL Center in Hartford, Connecticut. Kyla Ross and Brenna Dowell rounded out the top three in the All Around. Madison Kocian of WOGA who was second on Uneven Bars and Balance Beam has withdrawn from the competition. Personally I am looking forward to a great evening of competition. In terms of the current live scoring below, I will record the event scores from tonight but will rank the gymnasts in terms of their combined two-day All Around total. Okay so once again there are some lovely leotards in this field as to a favorite well I simply cannot decide. Bit of leg separation from Ernst on Bars. Solid routine for Skinner on Beam - much better than day one. Lovely routine from Maggie Nichols on Floor. Fantastic routine on Bars for Ebee!! Awesome Beam routine for Biles. Lovely routine from Kyla a couple of steps on landings. Sensational routine for McKayla on Floor. After the first rotation, the All Around rankings from yesterday remain unchanged - it is still Biles, Ross and Dowell. A lot of power for Dowell on Floor, out of bounds on her opening pass - double layout full twist. Problems with a lot of her landings. Phenomenal routine for Biles on Floor, just out of bounds on double twisting double back. Sensational Amanar for McKayla. Solid routine for Peyton Ernst. And the top three remain unchanged at the half way mark. So Mykayla Skinner is still one handing her Cheng in warmups. Aww hello to Simone's parents. They seem sweet. Huge hop back on the Amanar for Biles. What a Bars routine for Kyla!! Great vault for Brenna. Nice Bars routine from Maggie Nichols. Ariana Guerra has withdrawn from the competition. Fall on Bars for Madison Desch. Great routines from Skinner and Nichols. Nice Vault from Ebee. Brenna couldn't connect the Tweddle but a lovely routine! Oh wow it all comes undone for Biles on the Uneven Bars. Solid routine for Ross. And Simone Biles is the 2013 P&G National Champion. Kyla Ross finishes in second 0.250 points behind Ross. Brenna Dowell finishes in third. Maroney wins the Vault and Floor Exercise honors, whilst Kyla takes out the honors on the Uneven Bars and Balance Beam.

Well done to all gymnasts. Extra congratulations go to Mihai Brestyan and Aly Raisman who were named 2012's Coach of the Year and Athlete of the Year respectively. Kyla Ross was named the Sportsperson of the Year. 

  1. Simone Biles (Bannon's Gymnastix Inc.) 120.450
  2. Kyla Ross (Gym-Max Gymnastics) 120.250
  3. Brenna Dowell (Great American Gymnastics Express) 116.450
  4. Peyton Ernst (Texas Dreams Gymnastics) 115.300
  5. Maggie Nichols (Twin City Twisters) 114.700
  6. Mykayla Skinner (Desert Lights Gymnastics) 113.150
  7. Kennedy Baker (Texas Dreams Gymnastics) 112.900
  8. Abigail Milliet (Denton Gymnastics Academy) 110.900
  9. Madison Desch (Great American Gymnastics Express) 109.900
  10. Erin Macadaeg (San Mateo Gymnastics) 109.900
  11. Ariana Guerra (Texas Dreams Gymnastics) 85.050
  12. McKayla Maroney (All Olympia AOGC) 61.800
  13. Elizabeth Price (Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center) 57.150
  1. Kyla Ross (Gym-Max Gymnastics) (15.300, 15.450, 15.250, 14.500) 60.500
  2. Simone Biles (Bannon's Gymnastix Inc.) (15.800, 14.200, 15.000, 15.150) 60.150
  3. Brenna Dowell (Great American Gymnastics Express) (15.500, 14.250, 13.850, 14.600) 58.200
  4. Peyton Ernst (Texas Dreams Gymnastics) (15.050, 13.850, 14.900, 14.050) 57.850
  5. Maggie Nichols (Twin City Twisters) (14.800, 14.150, 14.500, 14.300) 57.750
  6. Mykayla Skinner (Desert Lights Gymnastics) (14.900, 13.550, 14.250, 15.000) 57.700
  7. Kennedy Baker (Texas Dreams Gymnastics) (13.950, 13.650, 14.650, 14.800) 57.050
  8. Erin Macadaeg (San Mateo Gymnastics) (14.150, 12.900, 14.850, 13.650) 55.550
  9. Abigail Milliet (Denton Gymnastics Academy) (14.500, 12.250, 13.200, 14.100) 54.050
  10. Madison Desch (Great American Gymnastics Express) (14.350, 11.550, 12.900, 14.700) 53.500
  11. McKayla Maroney (All Olympia AOGC) (16.000, 0.000, 0.000, 15.250) 31.250
  12. Elizabeth Price (Parkettes National Gymnastics Training Center) (15.150, 14.800, 0.000, 0.000) 29.950
  13. Ariana Guerra (Texas Dreams Gymnastics) (0.000, 14.100, 14.400, 0.000) 28.500
  1. McKayla Maroney (All Olympia AOGC) (16.000, 15.400) 15.700
  2. Simone Biles (Bannon's Gymnastix Inc.) (15.800, 15.150) 15.475
  3. Mykayla Skinner (Desert Lights Gymnastics) (14.900, 14.600) 14.750

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